Falcon/Rook Are they viable solo PVP ships

I wondered if, since the ECM (nerf/alterations) would either the Rook or the Falcon be viable as a solo PVP ship?

I have a couple lying around and trying to determine if best to sell or use? if viable, any decent fits?

As ECM is very powerful but not in a solo 1 versus 1 setting, these ships are much more useful in group PvP.

I’m not saying nobody can make these ships work in solo PvP as I didn’t try it myself and didn’t look in to it, but I would be surprised if they can be useful in solo PvP. Just like I would be surprised to see someone do solo PvP in another teamplay-oriented ship like a Basilisk.

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Well, ECM is now completely useless in a 1v1 PVP setting - there’s simply no advantage gained by forcing a target to attack you instead of a different ship because there is no different ship (except drones I guess).

That leaves a pair of ships with mediocre hardpoints, weapon bonuses and drone bays - they don’t even get the offensive use from the EWAR that other combat/force recons can use in niche situations.

However, if you define solo as including multiboxing, you could conceivably get a lot of benefit from having an alt in an ECM ship sitting outside of your opponent’s engagement range. Whether it’s the best use of an alt will vary a lot based on the situation though.

Falcons are great fun to fly in groups, I can’t recommend them highly enough. I loved my last one so much I fitted officer mods to it. Just don’t use them for solo.


You can make a falcon for solo PvP just like any other recon. The DPS isn’t even really any worse, the trick is to not even bother using ECM and rely more on deception.

@Gerard_Amatin @Katya_Itzimaru this is what i thought in all honesty, it loses its advantage as it can be targetted back.

@Aisha_Katalen your reply is a curve ball, i like the idea of deception but as the bonuses for the ship are heacily ECM, I am not sure what deception you could do that would give you an advantage. Do yuo have any fits that show this kind of deception?

Everyone expects a Falcon to be fleet ECM fit with no ehp and no DPS. Everyone goes “lol you can’t jam me against yourself, easy kill if I can catch you”.

So you find yourself a suitable target, like jumping into a Sabre and its bubble, align out and if he doesn’t uncloak you then just purposely mess up your cloaking pretending to be an idiot.

And once he got you, if only you made it easy for him, he finds that you’re not at all what he expected, that he’s now tackled and that you do over 300 DPS (which is on par with most recons) while having over 50k ehp. So he dies… to a Falcon.

Lots of stuff dies to 300+ DPS if you have 50k ehp, especially if they’re all dying (lol) to rush in and tackle you. And being a cloaky you can, and generally also have to, hand pick your encounters.

I’m not at a pc right now so from memory just fit blasters, cloak, MWD, tackle and LSE+“invul”, DC, mag stabs, some drones and extender rigs.


ill play with some fits, thanks

The Rook puts out a surprising amount of dps with HAMs and has plenty of mids for good tank and control modules. Some people use them for ratting due to the ability to not show on d-scan, e.g. in low sec plexes. The Rook is by far the most suited Recon for this.

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I;ve fit a Falcon for now and Ill see how that goes, I dont go out looking for fights every day and i imagine that the PVP I do in this ship will be opportunistic, but once that dies, ill try the Rook

It’s the least reliant on drones which helps a lot to keep a low profile.

Pretty much all cloakers have to, and can, be selective in their targets. So you’ll pass a lot of ships going “nope, hell no, eehhh pass, if he gets closer I might” etc etc.

If you just want to point and shoot then cloakers are the wrong kind of ship. The hunt is part of the fun, just mumble the Jaws music when you’re about to hit.

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I am patient, I am happy to do the cloak and dagger stuff?

No, everyone expects a Falcon to be a cyno.

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