Falling Active Player Numbers

Your utterly incorrect interpretation is the problem here.

The most grandiose thing I have proposed is adding a completely safe hi sec level while all the other levels remain exactly the same. I believe this would boost player count especially in the completely safe area, and that those numbers would spill over into other areas where destruction would happen on a larger scale than now.

But I can’t tell if you just cannot understand that or if you just want to be pissy.

Edit: I should have said “remain ALMOST exactly the same”. I had a proposal for gate mechanics that would allow players to at least set foot into different sec levels without immediate gate camp destruction. You know, give them a bit of time to fly around a bit before they die. But die they will.

Look who talking. :roll_eyes:

CCP has already provided the stats that show no handholding is needed. Go bot in another game because that’s all you seem to be asking for.


What did you call me, Scrow?

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Unless one knows to specifically look region-wide, a new player will be frustrated and confused by the price warning.

If your not intentionally lying when you say you haven’t seen scam sell orders, I have some nicely priced mods to sell you.

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It is time we band together and demand the change this game really needs :

Well, that thread lasted. :facepalm:

eve dies ! :scream: :scream: :scream:

I will quit if no one answers me wich tribe won the minmatar hunger games


I agree the only reason to keep multi-boxers going is to boost player number artificially. They need to ban it all and keep a one player one instance policy. No alts. Edit: just an FYI the FTC has been cracking down on companies giving out false investor information related to user use. Twitter is beginning to take action on fake accounts and looking to make it 1 person 1 account when using the service.


Culling multiboxers, eradicating bot-farmers and enforcing a “one player one instance” rule would be lovely, but sounds highly unlikely: such a U-turn in policy will undoubtedly hurt the player base (which is not doing well on its own) and in turn revenue. It needs a bit of thinking and simulating how things may progress given the change, but even though it may be better in the long run, the short term dip may scare the management too much.


The thing is that so many people have multiple paid omega accounts for multiboxing. Not only would cutting those accounts be an instant loss for CCP, also the last remaning account would probably get canceled by the owner in anger. They didn’t skill up those characters and pay all this time to just lose it all. They would demand and deserve refunds…but if CCP does it, more losses.

Also a big trouble is trying to determine if the two accounts coming from the same IP is the same person, or someone playing with a friend or family member.

I think the genie is well out of the bottle.

So what you are saying is that if you have a cash cow worth 300m a year and one worth 50m a year, you kick the 50m a year one over a cliff.

I don’t think that’s how it works.

They know you will move to echo’s because you’re an addict.

Lol as a statistics prof this is pretty bad and flat out wrong interpretation of statistics… lol try harder

Even if they believe that my bet is they will hang on at least until one of the products incurs an actual financial loss.

uhm yeah, ok…

a Mobile p2w garbage game…like all the rest of that genre.

Btw smartass…you know most multiboxers that do high end supply stuff…they are feeding corps or Alliances…usually.
Or, they are doing spies and fries,
Or FC’ing a fleet while keeping eyes on the situation and/or providing fleet warp points.
Or assisting in cyno movements, when they are not themselves using cynos to ship stuff around.

It takes a lot… A LOT of effort to do things right in this game when you are part of a group. Some of it being using the brain before undocking…maybe you should grow one…a brain.

ISBoxer cope.


As a professor, perhaps you could tell us how EVE Offline is doing it different to Pedros explanation then?

Of course, Chribba confirmed just a couple of posts later that he does use the max when aggregating data into fewer points, so it’ll be interesting to see a professional explain how the data is handled.

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