Famous EVE players - the saga continues


In memory of our departed comrade Jedediah R. Morgan a.k.a. Clean Head (from a time long ago), we were able to maintain the workflow and track down other famous people playing EVE. We would like to thank a number of citizens for helping us track down some more players. As always, this was a not so easy to accomplish feat, however we did it.

No ingame names will be revealed due to privacy issues and to allow them to maintain their anonymity. These are their homes so feel free to try and chat them up if they want to chat with you.

Cara Delevingne
420 Enterprises.

Bob Odenkirk
Synergy of Steel

Nikola Jokic
Balkan Kings

Please forward us any details about potential cult icons or royalty that plays EVE and we will verify your claims.

Thanks and fly safe o/ …

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Aiko Space Witch Claimed to once own Highsec or what’s left of it’s Safety!

Famous only noticeable for being capable of traversing time and space with only a thought.
(ie; use of jump clones) The only skill in which Frostpacker recognise of that cult icon in question performing to ecsape capture of one Frozen Corpse not so long ago.

Somehow doubt.

Also ole Cara may have more problems to deal with than EVE currently.

i guess a politician that plays isnt famous enough :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

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