Fanfest 2016 : Social Science Follow Up

(Bataav) #1

At Fanfest 2016 there was a presentation by two social scientists from the University of Maryland, where they presented early findings from an ongoing study.

The Fanfest schedule said:

Social Scientists Study : EVE Online

Virtual worlds like EVE Online offer a unique opportunity to study behavioral preferences and choices of individuals from around the world. In this presentation we report preliminary evidence on how player country of origin influences character attributes and in-game conduct. More generally, this research speaks to the literature on the influence of social priors and norms for socio-economc behavior across societies.

The video of their presentation never made it onto one of the official CCP YouTube channels alongside the rest of the Fanfest content, but another channel did upload it. Unfortunately that video has now disappeared again, which is a real shame. :slightly_frowning_face:

The presentation came up recently on the old(ish) forums and it made me wonder what the current status of the study was.

Who at CCP would know? And who would be able to find out if there’s a copy of the video that could be uploaded to the CCP YouTube channel?

The presentation had plenty of statistics and graphs, so I wonder if this is one for CCP Quant?

(Aedaxus) #2

The results of the study were that most of us were criminally insane. For obvious reasons they can’t show us that result as we know where they live.

(Khergit Deserters) #3

I was looking for a video of that excellent presentation as well. Please post it somewhere CCP.

( Did you know:

  • Eastern Euro players are statistically the least risk averse?
  • Toons owned by East Asian players have the least tattoos and scarring, and ones owned by Western Euro players have the most? )