Can Eve Online Become a Study Group

I was just thinking, with all of the diverse characters in Eve Online and the markets being ran by the Capsuleer, could the Eve Online environment become a study subject for kids in college who are studying sociology and markets and how a bunch of simple, older kids, have been able to keep this environment thriving, when it almost died in it’s infancy?

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There has been a number of studies done over the years.


Recent PHD student in Barcelona did a study on game personas.

Was pretty cool and I got my results a few months ago.

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How does the concept of Eve Online’s space market and civilization building stand against real world models?

it does not.

It has no hope of a chance. EvE is a game. Nothing to do with the real world at all.

Do you have the DOI for the study?

I only have the results of what he did for my interview. In essence it’s just how we project our personalities into the virtual world. We fall into 1 of 3 categories of personality and how we project it in videogames. (Like you have a home personality and a school personality that are completely different for example.) I could try emailing him again but eah I don’t really study psychology much found the process cool.

Believe me or not. It was legit. Ofc didn’t share any personal info. Asked me questions about my RL personality and what I do in this game. :man_shrugging:

There is a forum post buried deep deep here I forget the keywords. Sadly.

Honestly, I see EVE as a grim dark world like Warhammer 40k.

Little to no market regulations.
Monopolies Flourish.
Businesses can crush the weak by pretty much any means possible.

Does it hold much academic value? I don’t really think so myself. EVE is just an economic business simulator. Sprinkled in with elements of a grimdark Syfy universe.

EVE doesn’t touch on my “realism” checkpoints and therefore cannot hold much academic value when analyzing many components. However, studying the minds of these CEOs who lead hundreds to thousands of players really could provide some cool insights. I mean I haven’t seen an economic study on EVE for ages. (At least posted here)

Hope this helps.

It probably already is. I think most people who are working on game design at CCP are university graduates. So they treat development the only way they know how. By forming a study group, holding lots of meetings, procrastinating, and at the end of the semester deliver something that appears like they tried. You know what i mean?

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I did my undergraduate in psychology and am doing my Masters in an “applied” psychology. Personality is a lot more complex than “3 categories”, unless he was categorizing “gaming personas” or something. I think I read something about this, there’s the PvPer, the PvEer, and the explorer or something? I’ll try to find the post but it’s very interesting to me. I would love to read the study, can you help me get in contact with the researcher?

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Well by god! Did some internet sleuthing and I found what you were looking for.

(PDF) What Is the Psychological Role of the Virtual Self in Online Worlds? A Scoping Review (

That is the study @Nabi_Kim

“However, idealization was not the only type of virtual identity construal. In their
study, Mancini and Sibilla (2017) [8] observed four different types of characters that players
would create.
The character as an extension of the self, which in accordance with the previously
mentioned studies was mostly idealized across all Big Five scales.
The character as similar to the self, which mostly resembles the player.
The character as other than the self, which was different from the actual self, although
not necessarily more positive, since it was distant from the ideal self in some traits.
And lastly, the character as an antithesis of the self, which was not only different but
also considerably more negative than the actual self.”

(Pg 11) (Gabarnet, Adrià & Feixas, Guillem & Montesano, Adrian 2023)

You are more knowledgeable than me clearly, but that quote was what I was interviewed on. I then fell into I guess one of those categories of how I project myself in a virtual world.

“Another psychological function that was shared between primary avatars and alts
was what Gilbert et al. (2014) [21] called “Reverse-Enhancement”, which referred to
the improvement of offline skills or traits after having experimented with them in the
virtual environment. This reverse-enhancement could even occur in people who presented
pathological social impairments who became more extroverted and improved their social
skills after having engaged in the virtual environment for a long time. This effect is actually
one of the main components of therapies that involve virtual reality, since they provide an
immersive but safe environment where patients can develop changes that can later transfer
to their daily lives [38,39].”

(Pg 12) (Gabarnet A, et al. 2023)

I found that paragraph to make sense to me.

Anyways enjoy. I am a business undergrad for a reason. :sweat_smile:

Who is studying who though? Is CCP studying the players or ,are the players studying CCP?

I would bet you could make a case for the answer…"Both!’

I wonder what a study group would say about the toxicity level.