Wild Card Idea

hey guys I genuinely have a wild card idea here, there was a post floating around here on the forums about some kind of improved omega time (or something like that) part of this chain of thought does in fact come from that idea but probably only in context, but before i ramble on let me explain my idea.

Please note I fully understand how wild this idea ACTUALLY is

TLDR: EVE Online Becomes the first Video Game to be able to give people internationally recognised Business Qualifications.

there have been times when i’ve looked at eve univeristy and gone “damn, i wish i had some kind of certificate from this, to show i had attended or done that class” and stuff like that, in the real world i actually do distance learning studies in a variety of fields of interest but most of which don’t actually grant a useable qualification.

in the real world i have struggled with Academia but if i actually applied myself i could do it.

EVE is a game, sure, however for a while when it first launched there was the comparison of
“EVE is like a second job which you pay for, i like to think that this stigma is VERY VERY long dead”

however even if for some reason this stigma were still around, its not uncommon for employeers these days to pay for apprenterships or educational courses.

I have actually studied business in the real world however it was my playing EVE which lead me to that and a lot of what i applied in that course i had learnt from my time here in EVE.

I know this suggestion is completely off the wall by comparison of what is usually posted here regarding game mechanics and such, but I’ve come across many people in life who have to work a job and do study on the side and still want to play eve and hold down their gaming.

if it were possible some how to create a self paced learn in your own time real world applicable qualification, it could mean the changing of hundreads of peoples lives, how seriously employers would take it would be another thing entirely but if it could be internationally recognised it could be a huge thing for people in the community and player base.

A really wild thought there, but there’s just something in the back of my mind scratching away.

employers paying for education IRL
food companies going into console creation
work at home, virtual assistant jobs, etc

how soon do you think globally as a society we could be from “qualifications through video games”
I’m not even sure if anything like that has been done, however CCP isn’t affraid to take steps and risk to do things, being the first company to do PC → FPS Real time Orbital strikes as well as cross reality game play, and I sense MUCH of these achievements will make a come back one day in a huge ground breaking way. however that is also besides the point.

I may not of pitched this idea very well, however there COULD be something too this.

I could totally see CCP creating an in game online learning facility (study here and game time is half price or something) developing a bunch of real world extra real world business support tools (which would be able to pull character, corp and alliance information in game, allowing people to use real world skills and knowledge to help improve areas of game play, there are many players who have done this and they have been damn good at it, breaking real ground within the community)

the game is changing in a variety of ways.
the world is too with technology getting to a point where its going to be developed based off of social and industrial demand (not what it needs) so who know what the future will hold for us.

i figure i’d put the thought out there, maybe it will help break the stigma of EVE’s toxic community once and for all.

to me it seems pretty cool, if i’m going to sit here and station spin, maybe i could open up a folder in game and complete a bite sized module towards a better education or something.

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Honestly, Eve online has led to me dramatically increasing my profeciency with spreadsheets, has helped me to learn a lot about economics and consumer behavior, has helped me to improve my soft-skills, and has indirectly led to me learning a crap ton about video editing and audio recording and editing. But, I seriously doubt that it’s something that most people are ever going to take seriously.

Some IT guys might benefit from puting the IT services that they provide for their alliances on their resumes, or the 3rd party aps that they’ve coded. But for the most part, most people don’t seem to think video games are any more than a waste of time played by children and man-children. Maybe that will change one day, but I’m not going to hold my breath.


Can Eve drive you to improve your skills? Yes.
Will a certification in anything Eve be worth anything more than the paper it’s printed on? Probably not.
If Eve helped you learn a skill, demonstrate the skill, don’t just brag about your vidya game swag.

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