The world of EVE Online and the lives of capsuleers

Hello everyone.

I have been wondering what EVE can afford us players, space cowboys :slight_smile: , to aspire to be?
Are there any professions in the game? Can people sort of make a living in space by saving another people stranded in far places of the cosmos?
I am interested to know what we can aspire to be and achieve.

If possible, for the ones that read this and that wouldn’t mind doing so, i am interested in your stories, i would love to know what you started as in EVE and how your path has changed if it did.

Anyway, this is my last post for now, I’m off for the weekend to enjoy Christmas with the family.
I wish you all a Merry Christmas, stay safe and see you soon in space.


In eve you can do whatever you want - doing it profitably however is the tricky part.

Often though, eve relies on information - so people who have carved their own niche wont advertise it and risk other people messing it up for them.

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Such a group of rescuers does exist - I know little about them beyond their (good) reputation and their existence: I’ve not needed their services. Eve Scout.

They are part of the wider Signal Cartel.

btw: followed your other thread - you are definitely someone in the “good box”. I’ve not replied there; others have provided good advice and I’d just be duplicating it.

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This. Often people do things for fun and other things for ISK. Finding something what combines both for oneself could be challenging.

Myself I’m living a pirate’s life :pirate_flag:. But I’m also into the market and industry always looking for opportunities in both worlds.

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Not in the sense of the game saying “here is your profession hardcoded in the game, and a branching path for you to do to ‘progress’ in a game mechanic without ever having to talk to another person” like other games.

Instead, your “profession” is just what you literally decide to do for the day when you log in. Want to be a rescuer? Just log in and do it. Your “profession” of what you do versus your “profession” of what others say you do is subjective and at the whims of other players. If you don’t talk to other players, no one will know what you do, and no one will care. Some players really care about their image and reputation. Others not as much. The social interactions you have along the way are really rich. Unlike other games.

If you are a gamer, you can simply play your heart out, for free.

If you like building modules and ships, you can get into the very nitty gritty of manufacturing by building Planetary Infrastructure on planets that allows you to create the base aspects from everything in the game.
The manufacturing aspect of the game is basically either a bachelors or doctorates degree in managing every aspect of manufacturing that includes time efficiency to reduce the time it takes to manufacture modules and ships as well as reducing the materials used in manufacturing items in game.

Manufacturing in Eve Online is based on real world manufacturing where you can run the entire show from material research to building Planetary Infrastructure to producing components that go into other components that goes into the finished product as well as even mining the base minerals.

Hello Tipa, can you tell me about that pirate’s life?

Roaming around (lowsec, nullsec, wh space, Pochven, Thera), finding suitable opponents/targets, fight/kill targets, loot wreck, maybe talk, move on. Alternatively die trying, reship, repeat. Can be done solo or in fleets.

Basically as a pirate, I shoot everything I can and have some chance on a fun outcome, be it a good fight, an embarrassing kill mail, or loot of course.

EDIT: in case it wasn’t clear, I’m talking about PvP … nevertheless killing valuable rats on the way like clone soldiers can help with the war chest and security status (needed for highsec activities).

EDIT2: I don’t use alts in solo play because this would spoil the fun for me and would make the whole thing becoming focused on sure kills too much.

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I can build planetary infrastructure on planets? What does this mean, can i build on planets or even interact with planets?

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Hello Uriel and thank you for this :slight_smile:

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