Seek Your Destiny - Opportunities Feature

Awoke this morning to this fascinating gem on my launcher:

seek_your_destiny [link]

For those too lazy to follow the link, here’s another pretty picture, summarizing what the sparse article describes:

I have been playing EvE for around nine months now. I knew when I started, I would be in this for the long haul. Going fresh into a game which has had an active playerbase since 2003, I figured I would have to try at least a year before I would know what I was doing. I still have no clue what I am doing and I am seeing that is a natural reaction to this game.

Now it seems that a computer will impose its goals upon me, quite directly, and even heavier upon the unsuspecting new capsuleer. No longer will I be slowly tricked into submission with crafty wordplay-- now just: collect 10 bear asses, please.

Please stop right where you are, CCP. Please do not waste your time on this. Abort mission now before it’s too late. How much more useless can this be? How many bear-ass-gathering simulators do we need?

Speaking as a semi-new player, I loved the Agency and what was done with it. Why not capitalize on the Agency and give more lore-based reasons to hunt or gather? I enjoyed the tutorial being called “careers”, since I did play a bit as a younger kid back in 2012, where starting the game was even more confusing. This time around, I enjoyed being put through the career agent ride, even though I knew it was only a tutorial, because at least it made me feel like EvE was a place I could make into my own, with my own career-- one that I could name myself.

This? What the fck. Instead of starting a space career, new capsuleers will be starting their next big gig in gathering bear asses.

Could not find any other threads to discuss this.



Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

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I love collecting bear pelts.


And dammit, so do I, unironically. But I also like reading books and using my imagination, which EvE often requires of me. This is what I would say makes it different from other games: the gimmick being space is so damn empty, one must populate it with content themselves.

“Opportunities” for what? Certainly not content.

“This is an initial test phase for now and will only be available to new characters. The results of this phase will be used to further develop the feature with the aim of improving the new player experience and helping newcomers find relevant content tailored to their interests and aptitudes.”

This game is insanely complicated. They’re just experimenting with new ways to point players to opportunities for content.

Chill. I am a computer telling you to chill.


Chill mode always engaged.

I hope the experiment nets them lots of juicy data for their algorithms.

I was waiting for any information about future development of EVE to decide if it’s worth to hold onto drowning ship. Thank you CCP for reaffirmation of direction you are taking and good reason to win EVE

Well, we all want to reassure you Ricky. If your computer ever tells you to do something, like gather 5000 Omber, you can always just ignore the suggestion. I hope that helps.

Thank you, I needed to be reassured that I did not have to bow down to authority.

I should probably research better avenues towards submitting my input to developers outside of public dissent, eh?

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The developers are not accepting input at this time. Perhaps next year.


The Enrichment Center reminds you that the Weighted Companion Cube will never threaten to stab you and, in fact, cannot speak.

The Enrichment Center reminds you that the Weighted Companion Cube cannot speak.

In the event that the weighted companion cube does speak, the Enrichment Center urges you to disregard its advice.


This is an initial test phase for now and will only be available to new characters. The results of this phase will be used to further develop the feature with the aim of improving the new player experience and helping newcomers find relevant content tailored to their interests and aptitudes.

I wonder how CCP will determine what “relevant content tailored to their interests and aptitudes” is when they have a proven trackrecord of misreading virtually anything told or shown to them and draw the wrong conclusions from virtually everything they see or hear or read from players. Especially when it comes to input from new players that have no idea what they are doing, have no idea what they should be doing and tell CCP the wildest things that have literally nothing to do with EVE whatsoever.

And then CCP refuses to get inputs from old players that tell new players all the time what is possible in EVE, what you can do in EVE, how to do it, how not to do it, how to recover from mistakes, how mistakes are an important part of EVE and so on. CCP true to their contemporary ignorant and ill-guided nature again.


Yep, this 18 year old game that has broken ground in so many interesting areas sure is in the hands of some really bad game designers… :roll_eyes:


Must be the almighty algorithm. Knows better than all of us, surely.

I don’t have a super-concrete alternative suggestion, which is what I would have needed to complete this thread. What could better enhance the new player experience, which CCP could spend more time on, as opposed to this?

Will think more on this today. I want to say creating something between solo play and corps would be nice, like mini-corps so-to-speak. Loose groups of solo players that are meant to be disbanded after their limited usefulness, short “careers” or “gigs” of a sort.

Actually answering questions? There must be repeated questions that pop up all the time in Rookie Help. CCP could create videos or blogs answer these questions. And these videos or texts are being pointed out or shown if a new player gets stuck on something. For instance, if they are supposed to out and explore but they don’t launch probes quickly or use the probe formation properly, Aura pops up and tells them about a video or blog post that explains exploration in detail.
Or they implement the Academy more into the NPE and actually fill it with content? The Academy should show up when players encounter issues or stumble over UI things or don’t know how to travel to a place. Or when they go into low sec for the first time, the Academy could suggest a video or blog post that explains some more details about this area, the dangers, the opportunities, the riches, what exploration sites you can find there, how to act after jumping through a gate that and see lots of players waiting for you. And after they lost their first ship, Aura pops up and offers some snarky condolences and some info on what happened and what steps to take next time to minimize the risk of repeating this sad situation.
Or you take the What To Do In EVE chart and turn it into an interactive map (not unlike a Tech tree in Civ games) where people can click around and learn in (great) detail about activities that EVE has to offer. You can combine this with the Career Agents, for instance.
Create a new interface that has these agents as base. From this base these paths to activities in EVE branch off and you can learn much more about all things combat while you do the Military CA, or much more about industry opportunities while you run the Economy CA.

You know, actually useful things.

One could argue that this would take away the sense of discovering things on your own but on the other hand there are always so many questions and – according to CCP and other trolls – so many people that are simply overwhelmed by what EVE offers and so strained and frustrated by the effort to find things out. People who don’t want this kind of in-depth guidance can turn it off (like any good companion) but people who need (a bit of, most of these scrubs who join EVE apparently need a lot of it, sadly) guidance can get it that way … and still feed ships in low sec. But when they do they maybe know better why it happened and how to avoid it more next time.

There you have my bit of feedback on actually good NPE.


You must be living under a stone. The developers that created this game have all but left CCP years ago. The current developers have no idea what they are doing, which is why they regularly and repeatedly disregard, ignore, throw away (without properly thinking the process through) or pervert the principles, game mechanics and features that EVE is based upon. That is why we got Instanced PVP, PVE, Rorquals killing the mineral market, Supers/titans killing isk balance, dockable supers titans in a game that was never designed for that to happen, infinite production slots in a game that was never designed for that, special rules for event sites because CCP doesn’t know how to code AI properly, and so on and so forth.

But by all means, keep enjoying your life under the rock. It’s the same rock that CCP lives under.


That is a very well articulated suggestion. It’s a damn shame everything you described can be done by the player themselves! Aura would then literally be clicking for you. I would love that to be a reality, but I think career agents and everything leading up to them is fine. Difficult and confusing, maybe, but the resources are out there. Aura doesn’t need to feed them to the nubs, but then again, maybe she does… Would be a better way to spend time than “Opportunities”!

The biggest question I cannot answer is: what to do after the career agents? Join a corp? I somewhat enjoy being solo, for now, but also haven’t tried joining corps on a serious level. Counterintel creeps me out, keep me cautious, but only since I have had so many assets in highsec. Nearly done clearing those out…

What I wonder about is what to do as a solo player to engage in cooperative ways with players that doesn’t involve private chatting and wasting time on deception. Maybe I just need to join a bunch of huge garbage corps and see what kind of opportunities await.

Despite my closed-mindedness, “Opportunities” will surely not provide what I am looking for, but then again, I realized the other day I’m not much of a rookie anymore. I’m a… carebear… yeesh. I must believe people can change!

If it’s based on the Activity Tracker it’s going to be hilarious. I especially appreciate the humor of 5000m3 omber. So will the gate camps.
My darker side whispers that at some point it will be linked to expert systems and plex adverts. I hope I’m wrong.


you mean they have to leave HS to pick this ore?
and they dont yet know about it?
thats really funny :rofl:


Oh nice, the joke escaped me until now. I hadn’t appreciated the wider implications of introducing new players to supposedly mindless tasks! What do I really know, huh? Carry on.