Pilots education

Hello guys.
Recently I got an idea about blending some little education to the game. My idea is that there would be interstellar academies where capsuleers could go through education like economy, tactics, diplomacy, history of Eden, and more.
But it wouldn’t be like you just click trough all text and got the PhD or Eng title, there would be tests to acknowledge that pilot is educated enough and get some ingame bonuses.
Afterward, it would be really cool if you can get your diploma trough email, and print it in real.

Already exists: https://www.eveuniversity.org/ or https://wiki.bravecollective.com/public/dojo/start

You don’t get a paper diploma - you get thrown to the wolves. Those who stayed awake in class will survive. Those who mastered the coursework will thrive!


And various other training corps. Brave seems to really remember their origin as Brave Newbies considering their current state.

looks really cool but I think it would be cool if there were an education system in Eden like I said before. Btw thanks for your reply I am happy that somebody noticed my suggestion (:

Why you need schools when you can just inject “knowledge” using injectors?
I’m not a lore guy, but with some tutorial texts and bits of my knowledge about lore. Just by fact that you are capsuleer. You have something more than piloting license and sheet of paper from school.

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