Scientific research on knowledge transfer in an MMORPG


I am a researcher in management sciences and I would like to write an article about the transfert of knowledge between players within corporations in Eve online and the impact of each culture in this phenomenon of transmission. If you are a player of Eve Online do not hesitate to answer to my small survey ! It will not take you much time to be safe! Of course, this survey is anonymous. A maximum of answers will allow me to provide a statistically viable analysis.

You can also ask me for more information :

Here is the link :

The results of this scientific research will be communicated in an international symposium.

Thanks in advance and above all share it ! :wink:

For the sake of anonymity you should think about hidding the corp you belong to question on the results page we can all see. Not that I really care lol

If you haven’t already you should consider putting this on reddit to get more submissions since these forums are still struggling with growing pains as you have an already limited set of players that even use the forums currently split between the old and the new.

Thank you Nasar. Excuse me i don’t understand but you can see the corp of the other people having answering or my own corp ?

Ok Nasar. The answers of other people having answered cannot be showed by other people :slight_smile: Thak you !

No problem, I figured that was an oversight.

Sounds funny but asking people in eve culture how much they value these aspects is like asking on scale how rich do you want to be, how strong do you want to be, how smart do you want to be.
With these questions you can expect them all answered with ‘yes’ and 5 lol.
Also asking how many avatars you have implies you are a agent (spy) looking for weakchains (aside the questions in survey) :parrotwave1:
Also do you have the school or institute you are working for so we can verify the document legitimacy? :ccpguard:

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