Vet returning to eve. Going to start a fresh character. What should I do?

This is my favorite past EVE memory:

What should I do? I used to be a huge null sec person. Debating WHs or Null again. Thoughts?


Sucker. But seriously it shouldnt matter much if you join a wh corp or 0.0 . Best advice i give is spend some time on coms with whoever you may be interested in joining. Hanging out for a few hours can give great insight on if you will mesh with the corp or not. I would join a mining corp if the coms banter was entertaining enough.


Welcome back to Eve,

I guess it all depends on what you want to do.

I think w-space would probably be better. Closer relationships can be quickly formed with Corp members, small gang PvP Ops to guard your w-system from other Corps, access to various exploration sites, etc. Definitely allows the ability to make a lot of ISK and easy to get goods to market through static w-holes leading to Empire space.


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If it were me, I would choose an activity unrelated to why I left last time. If null-sec gameplay just wasn’t your cup o’ tea, why not try something different? As mentioned above, get on comms with any prospective group before you join.

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