Fanfest 2018 - Tweetfleet meet

The tweetfleet meet is the stuff of legends. The unofficial pre-party to fanfest including karaoke for all.

When: April 11th, 21:00
Where: Gaukurinn, Tryggvagata 22, 101 Reykjavík, Iceland

Link for your calendar:

Entrance on showing your fanfest badge

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Party time!

Last year was a bop, I can’t wait to see everyone again~

Time to lose my voice at karaoke again

I’m going to try to get everyone in a form of discount or happy hour kind of deal. I will keep you posted!

We’ll be there. Singing and dancing will be done, that and some staggering in the general direction of the hotel. Be warned, if we miss our hotel we shall be curled up on the doorstep of CCP HQ. Fly well.

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