FanFest 2018 - Microsoft Dev Meet

So you are a programmer, love Eve Online, love new technolgies and would love to talk about all that for a couple of hours over a burger and a beer?

Stefán Jökull is a senior software engineer at CCP Games and he loves to talk tech with like-minded people. If Azure makes your heart beat faster, if clean code practices give you warm fuzzy feelings, this is a meetup you can’t pass on.

When: April 11th 19:00
Where: Nora Magasin, Pósthússtræti 9, 101 Reykjavík, Iceland

I need an easy link to get this in my calendar:

We don’t necessarily need to make a reservation, but if you intend to attend, please leave a message in this thread so we can make sure that enough spots are available.

Good to know such meetup exists !
Will try to attend :slight_smile:

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Just bringing this thread back to everyones attention :slight_smile:

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