Fanfest 2018 - Walkthrough

Hey everyone,

I don’t actually play much EVE anymore, but I love to support the cause. I’ve shot a video in the form of a walkthrough of this year’s Fanfest. A love letter to CCP.

EVE Fanfest 2018 - Walkthrough video

All support appreciated.

Very much looking forward to Nova & Into The Abyss. Well done as always to the whole team. Maybe I’ll find some time to play again.

Lyrith Turalyon

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As someone who couldnt be there for Fanfest this is great!

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Well, ****.

Last year was my tenth Fanfest, despite not having actually played the game in years. Decided not to go this year, and now I just had to visit the OOG forum and watch your video?

People, here’s a lesson for you: If you’re tempted to go to Fanfest but your better judgement is telling you not to… GO! Take it from me, you WILL regret sitting it out.

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