Farmers are more creative than university students

On the farm you have to be creative to get through the day. A tool or vehicle will break, you may not have the part to fix it, and you have to change your plans or otherwise improvise. Tools and tractors as well as barns and other storage areas need to be maintained and you need skill to operate vehicles etc. safely and efficiently. The weather is also messing with you and your plans on a weekly if not daily basis. Not to mention pests like insects and deer messing with ur crop! Should i go on?

A university student just has to show up, listen to something, or read something, then produce a summary of it after some time. Thats it. Thats what they do. And it starts in elementary school, so for 15-20 years, all they did was listen to someone or read something and then produce a summary of it, year after year. That does not make someone creative it makes them a bot.

Farmer made this 6x6 tractor himself

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They also built the cities and the bridges and what not. But jesus loves everyone?

Now it’s time to tow that Titan home. :wink:

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