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I would like people to help me gather some information on Ethics of Genetic Engineering, I’ve linked a survey below and hope some of you will take the time to read and partake.

Thankyou in Advance

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Research for your degree ? If so, where’s the document OK’ing this from your university ? We used to get lots of these surveys every week in the virtual world forums, and supporting documentation from the relevant educational facility was required for them not to get banned.

How would a university go about formally approving a survey? And what does that have to do with CCP locking the thread? Does the dean of the school write a letter to @ISD_Dorrim_Barstorlode?

I’m only allowed to do study, not research, until I get approved to do research for university from a university.

Mind you, at this point, the study is for myself, even though courts attack it and seek to forfeit it.
I use it for business.

I’m currently in the process of contacting authorities about matter they caused to be with the UN, including before the COVID affects 4 out of 5 UN offices in NYC.
And yes, that does include NYU English Major.

Part of the problem lies in how they affect my family and interfered against it, by interfering with association, and trying to suggest to associate with those causing the problems, as if trying to get someone by association, whether as a form of psychological warfare, or to mislead them in crimes by interfering communication of the interference.

It’s something to do with the university’s ethics requirements for such polls, but I don’t remember the details. I assume there would be a committee involved (academics love committees…)

Unfortunately the virtual world forum where I first saw this no longer exists, so I can’t go back and check.

I thought you meant a virtual world forum in your university, which was, or, had to be, approved by the authorities for the publication, or, dissemination, or otherwise, communicate it with external parties, such as, when the lab is closed to outsiders for security reasons.

Being a system analyst , we have to deal with, and even create policies, which are ethical, if that does not mean to make policies for what ethics are.
Ethics are related to legal systems however.

Rules are also related to legal systems, but , systems analyst design rules.
Systems analyst design rules and policies.

However, the survey being about Ethics, and the scientific field related,
as in Genetic Engineering and the related bio-chemical systems,
or other fields of science, such as mathematics,
it does have more to do than with University Ethics and Requirements (which requirements are also designed by analysts by the way) , since it also has to meet medical ethics, and legal ethics, related to malpractice in each of their respective fields.

The failure of legal systems are Errors and Omissions, ethical breach,
such as in , Deliberate Error of Impunity, not by accident.

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Not all surveys need to be approved by an IRB. For example, the University of Iowa’s guidelines say that questions that focus on products, things, and policies, rather than people and their thoughts concerning themselves, do not constitute human subject research.

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