Is it appropriate to discuss real world transhumanism in a forum of a game that promotes fictional transhumanism?

Recent experience with “community” suggests that it is not. If that is your opinion; why is that the case?

I suspect that Sarah Westall’s videos on the subject that is verboten, rather than the generalised topic being taboo.




Sure, however it’s probably more an Out of Pod topic, than a GD topic.

EVE has had transhumanism since it started, so it seems like a relevant thing to discuss.


Prowl was my favourite.

He’s the police car one.

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It’s a fundamental precept of the game.
If I were talking cliff high woo I’d go OOP.

gosh, collared out of the gate.
makes me want to Starscream.


Sure, but isn’t the discussion, based on the OP, supposed to be:

That doesn’t really seem an EVE topic as such.

But luckily I’m not the forum police, so my opinion doesn’t really matter that much.

Sorry couldnt help it.

No idea what this thread is actually about

Sticking implants in your head for realz (among other things that take us from current human to future human).

I prefer to think we’ll be uploading our consciousness into the internet by 2050 (2048 is the current prediction, which is crazy to think about). Imagine the flame wars if we can all talk at the speed of light.

I guess we could limit Transhumanism to the fictional, that would generate as much value as the rest of the forum I guess.

Not to put too fine a point on it: EVE gives us a unique opportunity to examine the human condition. A chance to understand why we make the choices we make and reflect on the consequences of our mistakes.

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It’s just a video game. We blow ■■■■ up in it.

Sometimes it doesn’t have to be any deeper then that.


I agree. I does not have to be. Yet it often is.

If its worth doing itll be too expensive for me to worry about

Pretty sure that folk are opting into these medical experiments for free.
But I would not recommend that.

Oh I dont mean prototypes I mean the one they will be wanting to sell.

If you volunteer to be a test subject you are an idiot.

Once I’m done with this body they can put my brain and nervous system into a robot.

I won’t accept anything less.


I wanted to say that I did a bit of a headdesk when I realized I knew what you were talking about, but I didn’t want to go off topic. Now that I see the OP also seems in on the gag, though, I can say I liked Ratchet, but Prowl was good, too.


Some consider that organ transplantation, corrective surgery and even prosthetics are within the scope of transhumanism. Some of these can be “not cheap but affordable” depending where you live.

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The core of what I want to explore here is: Does EVE promote transhumanism or is it serving as a warning about the potential negatives of transhumanism.

I recall Hilmar talking positively about transhuman potential in a video yet
the different races and clades of the game’s storyline can be perceived to serve as notice for undesirable outcomes.

Similarly, it is difficult to deny the benefits of organ transplants, blood transfusion technology yet right now cultures suffer forced organ harvesting for profit and endure the transmission of undesirable elements.

Nurolace technology could open up an ocean of data for mankind to swim freely amongst, or be used to enslave it forever.

Only CCP can give the answer. What others make of it happens in their own minds.
Same with the boosters. One could ask " Does EvE promote the use of drugs ?". Or slavery, or racism, or binaries, …
Not all discussions make sense. They may even break more value than they could ever create.