I have been actually working on an article about this . and i have mentioned the subject in Red donut Discord to see how much people can comphrehend.

I would call it a failiure … only one person pretty much grabbed what i am saying and that one was studying philisophy :rofl:
One of them made me even so tired of it i just come to point that say ■■■■ it ! Lol

So before i start and gear up i would like to add this OP to my watch list

Its a transhumanism simulation many ways …
No need for CCP to declare this.

No, depending on how rich you are.

None of those are cheap or affordable to anyone but rich people.

Because other rich people have made it so.

Where I live transplant are affordable because is the Government paying the bills.

Think about what you just said for a minute, maybe I wont have to correct you.

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Look, my tax go to pay politician’s salaries. I will not make a fuss about it going to healthcare too.

Edit: Damn morals. I also don’t complain because other people tax pay my salary since i work for the Government.

squints whut

Lol look never mind. You dont really get it, thats fine.

oh, I get it. You are taking “affordable” in a different way than what was intended when I choose that word.

And while I don’t like the idea that you will be bored without some good forum pvp, this time I don’t have the energy to be your adversary.

I explained what I meant by it. I thought we were working off that definition. I guess we werent.

Did you? I guess i missed that. (please don’t sue me)
And in either case the quotation marks could be an indicative that i was going for a less strict/precise definition. Language is fluid and nuanced afterall.

I begin to loose my hopes here… :frowning:

Fair enough. Lets just draw a line under it and be friends again.

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Yes it is very suitable … for now i am just watching … if i see anyone up for serious talk… some of the ingame mechanics, ingame skills, lore, and behavioral aspects of the players will begin to come to table to evaluate…

Subject touches all these very directly…

Transhumanism ends ina postapocalyptic world, just like the one in BLAME! manga.

There are both utopic and dystopic predictions and very different theories under this title . In eve lore it ended up with a disaster for a race … guess which one ?

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Human shaped?! If I get a new robot body I want a 70ft plasteel centipede body, or something like that.

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I’d still like to be able to get into my house and visit family.

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You can still… just they try to catch you and smash you with a broom ! :rofl:


I don’t think a broom would do any damage to my chromium-alloyed titanium body. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

We are no more transhuman than a car is transsteel. While a human mind is required in our creation we are a fully independent entity. While the idea that we are the continuation of the life who’s mind was destroyed in our creation is comforting, particularly for the mortals that coexist with us. It simply isn’t the reality.

The meat suits we inhabit are again born of comfort not need. We are creatures that exist made up of information and nothing else.