EvE and the "Human Condition"

Just like in the real world, super powers/nations/coalitions… these large entities drive forward and cut out a piece or slab of the world for themselves

Combining power of people can craft infinite realities

One world government, mind dampening propaganda, interest groups, shadow governments hidden from the people
What can we do? People are this lost that they fuel the machine that would have them enslaved?
Masses are being pupeteered by those who, ultimately, are just lining their pockets with gold
What can I do? I feel like I want to do something, be a part of something to end this… I’m sure I’m not alone.
It scares me to think that some hope was lost

I’m just a random wormhole resident, who by coincidence, saw this picture, and was inspired to post - https://i.imgur.com/WWkXkmg.jpg
(yes i am aware that the pic could be considered in and of itself propaganda)

Goth-Trad to mail me in-game for whatever reason

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the no bees and no MMD signs are a nice little touch.

Thanks for sharing. It was worth checking into the forums today just to see the link. Love the composition.

Now I’ll get back to scrolling through the usual toxic dross.

GigX propaganda.

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