Farscape Empire [High Sec Mining] [Small Gang PvP][New Player Friendly]

Looking for a new player friendly corp that specializes in mining? The Farscape Empire may just be for you!

We are a newbie friendly corp that specializes in mining, but we do dabble in PvE and PvP. Whatever your interests are, we are willing to help you get to where you need to go!

We Offer:

-Mining boosts available in home system.

-ore buy back Program.

-Alliance jump freighter service.

-Ship Replacement Program.

We are looking for:

-Small gang PvP players.

-Mining characters.

  • PvE players.

If you are Interested join ‘FSEC Open’ to talk with one of our recruiters. Feel free to also mail Tyler Lynch, or Hedjemunkee Aideron if no one is online.

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