Fastsell - new channel

Fastsell is a new channel . Yes there are already many channels were you can sell your stuff in chats. Listing it over and over for days. when its just setting in a station doing nothing for you. One of our goal for this channel is having a place they could come rap up there whole inventory and sell it. We aim for our customers to be able to post all the different stuff they may have stacked in their inventory in one contract. By selling it cheap (firesell) it would go pretty fast. Not selling fast enough mark it down. It will.

Were not just aiming at helping returning players. We also want to help the whole-sell / bulk trades markets. Our aim is to be a page were moving your inventory fast to keep capital flowing more important than making max isk every sell. We all know having capital means u can make more isk.

We are a new channel so give it time its not happening over night.

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