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My name is Kirsty, sometimes known ingame as Vamps. I am a nullsec FC who is looking for a new entity. I have a wide variety of skills under my belt and a good skill set. I’m good at what I do well, not so good at everything else. Recently I have been on a break from EVE after a breakup with my last coalition, now I am looking to get back into the saddle and have some fun.

I am looking for an entity that wants me, i’m not here to join a group to become a faceless FC in a large team with no way to progress or do anything worthwhile. Don’t get me wrong, I will earn my place gladly, I am just looking for a place to fill. If I never have anything pvp wise to do then I will get restless as I know from past experiences. With stuff to do, I am focused and will get it done :).

I can work with new players to give them pointers and advice. Same with rookie or rusty FCs, I have a fair amount of knowledge and I am happy to pass it on. I am not looking to be stuck into a desk job though, I love FCing and getting out there and blowing stuff up. I prefer objective based fights and cannot personally stand roams, I hate blue balls as much as the next person so roams just don’t cut it for me. Campaigns both offensive and defensive is where I can thrive; I have been known to run a fleet at least once a day for weeks on end just to see something through to the end. I do not quit and if I start something, I will finish it.


  • FCed for multiple alliances and coalitions.

  • Been FCing in nullsec for 4 - 5 years or so, from small scale 30 man fleets to multiple 100 man fleets in one theater.

  • Am capable of large scale bomber fleets (including up to 100+ man wings)

  • Have run black ops campaigns & bomber deployments in various nullsec campaigns.

  • Helped run multiple DCU defensive and offensive deployments as a coalition FC.

  • Ran DCU and Phoenix Fed (as an external traininer) capital fleet training programs.

  • Assisted in running DCU supercapital fleet training programs.

I would be joining with up to 4 characters. Including 2 capable of flying carriers, 3 capable of cloaky recons. Armor link toons, and capable of flying almost all subcapital doctrines between them.

Anything else you need to know just give me a shout on discord : Kirsty#0340 . Multiple vouches from alliance leaders or similar can be provided on request.

Side Note: I also build and run various IT services for various entities in the game.


Kirsty (Vamps)

Still sorta looking :stuck_out_tongue:

Ever consider Provi? We’re busy as heck right now with a lot of room for FC’s to make their mark.

Did you ever consider joining the Goonswarm?

More cabable and competent FCs means more fleets for us.
You’ll have plenty of people to work with and plenty of opportunities. :slight_smile:

Hop into our public channel, if you have any specific questions:
TLRE Recruitment

More info on TLRE here:

Hey Vamps!!!

Imperium Divine is looking for strong people who want to FC. We are small and looking to grow in Tenerifis. We are currently part of the MWM Coalition. Here is our thread, hit me up if you want to get back into it!!

Hey Vamps. If your looking for something different I help run a small WH alliance called An Alliance Has No Name

We might look small, but we try with what we have :slight_smile:
Give me a shout ingame if you want to chat

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