Feasible to hire a PVP gang to beat up a system?

Just wondering if this is at all practical or doable.

There are certain low-sec systems wherein the marketplaces are stocked with a lot of valuable cargo selling at a fraction of high-sec prices, but where getting the cargo out of the system safely is all but impossible. My idea here is to fire a PVP gang to just go there and beat up everyone that moves, except me ofc, at some pre-defined time allowing me to DST the cargo out as fast as possible to a more accessible storage station, because later hauling it to high-sec for sale at a substantial profit.

DSTing stuff out of low-sec is a regular activity of many, of course, but there are a couple of “tough nut to crack” systems where I just don’t think it’s realistic to clobber their marketplaces without first ensuring that all hell has broken loose and nobody cares about that mastodon going back and forth.

Jump freighter.

Shoot me a mail anyway i’d like to know what system this is and what groups live there :slight_smile:

When I read something like that it cringes me as to wonder how some love jumping into fire :grinning:


Sure, telling mercs that you are a loot pinata. What could possibly go wrong?


Clearly that’s a risk. One of the potential side benefits of successfully conducting such an effort would be finding a mercenary gang that can resist the temptation to betray someone at the first chance in favor of keeping a relationship with someone who wants to pay them to cause trouble in the right places at the right times.

Message me. We could do it for a peice and a certain time frame

You won’t make enough by buying loot in the Siseide-Dal-Amamake triangle and selling it in Rens, to afford merc loyalty.

You can use a 3rd party hauler. PushX can extract the goods :wink:

I don’t think I’d make enough on that triangle to make it worth my own time, tbh.

The market fluctuates wildly sometimes, but in general whenever a station that is solo shopable as a hauler gets something worth getting, it doesn’t last long. Where a fairly substantial cache of products does build up sometimes is in these particularly tough systems, where it’s simply too dangerous to extract the goods under normal circumstances.

I’d like to know the area tbh (mail me), cause we might do it just cause we are bored and need fun.

Love to help, just tell me when and where. Send me your ship fit so I know what to prepare for.

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