Wanted Merc Ganker's for hire

due to CCP unwilling to assist proper players … i am looking for a group who are willing to gank a pair of persistant bumper’s in machariel ( non defence setup) payment will be made per kill per ship they own…
please leave message here or contact ingame

Lol. Bumping is legit gameplay. Heck ccp did change bumping so if you are trying to warp, youll do so after 3 minutes

Whilst I like neither ganking nor bumping, you deserve it for thinking that an apostrophe and a letter s equate to a valid plural form of a noun. I am not even going to mention the spelling of persistent… ooops, I did.

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You might want to look at some off-the-shelf merc services.

It is and is a weapon all sides can use but it is a pilot skill , so to improve our skill at this we are going to try 5 aside bump football. Two teams one fat ship and 1st across the line .

I’ll post on forums if it’s fun and entertainment and maybe we can challenge other teams

A LONG time ago they made an early, primitive multiplayer 2 d space shootem up called Netek. People. One of the weapons was a pushing beam. Some folks got so good at it that they played Netrek Hockey.

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