Gotta say bumping and ganking is fun


For those who do not know who I am I’m Sabus Narian, frequent poster on the forums and CEO of Incompetent and Proud. As many know my corp has been kicked out of our coalition, and we’ve proceeded to start some occasional bumping and ganking on our ex coalition mates.

Now I’ve been on the side against CODE and bumpers, but after doing it I have to say I really much enjoy it. Just yesterday I was bumping in my machariel, and the angry comments in local + @Knowledgeminer trying to bump me while I was bumping simply made the experience 100% fun.

I invite anyone who likes to bump and gank to audaerne, plenty of targets to choose from, and lots of fun to be had, whether you want to play bumper/ganker, anti bumper/ganker, or hate me and want to try and stop my activities :slight_smile:


If you can’t beat 'em, join 'em……

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Vagabond works pretty good as well. You can get those up to about 13 km/s…

Haha very true :slight_smile:

Hmm I think I’m going to try that, atm I have my 2.8k m/s mach, but the vagabond could be very fun especially against barges.

Also for those with limited skills or ISK, a Prophecy works pretty decent. Not as good as a Mach, but much cheaper.

LOL. I wasn’t trying to bump you, I was following you on automatic approach, just in case you managed to effectively bump someone away, in which case I would have counter bumped you, but that didn’t happen…


Well this is certainly hilarious.

PS: did you know that under the old war system, the one that people like you in all your short-sighted folly opposed, you could have killed those enemies instead of merely annoying them with bumping?


Hey it was my first day ok, give me some time to get it right :frowning:

I wasn’t commenting on your quality as a bumper, but rather on you saying I was trying to bump you, which I wasn’t.


I wasn’t commenting on your quality as a bumper, but rather on you saying I was trying to bump you, which I wasn’t.

Ah gotcha, I understand now

Imagine if you took this same approach to wars and highsec combat,

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Except you couldn’t. Because they didn’t engage in war anyway. And the miners lived in NPC corps.
But keep trying to rewrite history.

Never say never :slight_smile:

It’s called a catalyst with neutrons, will likely start handing them out for cheap/free soon.

And the solution was to remove the ability to hide in NPC corps. But alas, people like Sabus didn’t have that level of foresight.

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Yeah… That was a solution in search of a problem. There is no issue with NPC corps.

Is there something wrong with Sabus’s brain?


PVP griefer trash


Judging by his total breakdown in corp channels, yes, something is badly wrong.