Feature Requests: "Build" (ie. Relocate) Command Center on Colonized Planets, Next/Previous Buttons for PI

Feature Request #1: “Build” (ie. Relocate) Command Center on Colonized Planets

Context: When you’ve colonized a planet and open the planet to view, the planetary view is immediately centered on the command center. It is not uncommon to have a planetary setup far from the command center, perhaps on the other side of the planet itself. It can be tedious, especially for those managing a large number of planets (an Omega account can have up to 18), to ‘search’ the planet for the buildings of interest, especially on certain planet types where the buildings blend into the terrain and/or heatmaps of the planet. Also, the command center can no longer feasibly be incorporated into the colony infrastructure if the bulk of the infrastructure is too far away. Both of these problems can be addressed by relocating the colony; ideally, this can be done without tearing down and recreating the colony from scratch.

Implementation: Identically to when first colonizing an existing planet, a Command Center option would appear in the build menu of an already colonized planet; however, there are two differences:

  1. Building a new command center automatically removes the old one, including all of its connections and stored contents, if any
  2. You will not be able to build the new command center unless you first upgrade it to a level minimally sufficient for sustaining the existing CPU/PG requirements of the planet.

Alternative (Less Favorable) Implementation: Your ship would relocate a command center in the exact same manner as it placed the first one: by having it in your cargohold when you are undocked in space. The command center would only be placed if it is subject to the two conditions above.

Feature Requests #2: Next/Previous Buttons for PI

As mentioned already, it can be tedious to search for certain buildings when they, particularly ECUs and “lost” CPU/PG-consuming buildings, are scattered throughput a planet. Having Next/Previous arrows next to the existing Home button in the PI interface (which centers the view on the command center) would allow us to quickly cycle through available buildings without wasting time searching for them manually.

Man if you are setting up things on the other side of the planet you are not doing it right.


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