February 2018 Release - General Feedback

We’re happy to announce that the February release is now live.

Please use this thread for General Feedback.

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This Release brings significant quality of life changes for owners and attackers of Upwell Structures, as well as a balance pass for Assault Frigates, including the addition of the new Assault Damage Control. February also sees the introduction of new moon mining mechanics in high security and wormhole space, along with a whole host of fixes and improvements to both the client and gameplay.

The Guardian’s Gala also returns with this release, with a host of new rewards via The Agency, and new line of Spirit SKINs for more hulls that add to the collection started last year. In addition to this, new fireworks and Eros Blossom SKINs will be available in the New Eden Store.

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Quick question on this patch note.

The damage of Standup Anticapital Missiles has been reduced significantly. With the addition of T2 launchers and damage modules Upwell Structures will now do more single-target damage to subcaps but **less single-target damage to capitals**

Why is it that the ANTICAPITAL missiles now do more damage to SUBCAPITALS and less to CAPITALS?

The Assault Damage Controls must be renamed. EFFA, FFR and IFFA right next to each other is not acceptable.

Thanks for the question! The patch note says that “Upwell Structures” will do more damage to Subcaps, not the AntiCap launchers.

This is because the power of damage mods have increased but the power of Anticap launchers has been reduced to compensate. Subcap launchers however, have stayed at the same power level, meaning a net buff to their damage when used with T2 damage mods :slight_smile:


@CCP_Lebowski Hey, That escalation bug is still not fixed :frowning:

Sorry that’s not an area I’m familiar with, but if you submit a bug report with as much info as you can I’ll make sure it finds the right people!

I did, like 2 or 3 week back

Ok great, do you have a bug report ID for that? Was it reported on this character?

yes i will just find it will update this thread give me a second @CCP_Lebowski



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and again more UI colors and stuff just for the sake of beeing do-able… how can I please get rid of those color arrows on citadell-icons in overview ?? did anyone ask for it ? was it mentioned somewhere in patch notes ?


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I knew the new icons would create a shitstorm when I saw them on SiSi this weekend … especially for people living in areas with many structures.

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Yes, a way of seeing whether you have docking permission was requested a fair few times


  • A new icon has been added to structure brackets in the overview and space scene to indicate whether you currently have permission to dock in that structure.

It was also mentioned in the devblog a few weeks back!

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okay sorry didnt see while crossreading :slight_smile:

Still think this Warp disruptor cool down/reactivation timer is not going to go down well. I think the majority of these changes suit the Attackers and not the defenders.

I read somewhere however that we would be able to remove rigs like modules now… this doesn’t look to be right? was this ever going to be implemented?

There were never any plans for this. You may have got this confused with this change?

  • Rigs fitted to structures can no longer be destroyed if the structure is not at 100% health.

No - Im sure i read it in another thread (up-coming changes) but no matter. Completely unrealistic request but i want to play with the idea of a structure cloaking field :smiley: lol make dreams come true CCP!

Thanks for the new changes… still… small entities are going to have huge problems with these changes.

Since most of the structures will be in a shield vulnerable state 99% of the time, is it necessary to keep the vast number of floating “vulnerable” signs around them? Maybe only display them when they are “INvulnerable” ?

Just seems to clutter up the look of the structure with unnecessary messages.

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@CCP_Lebowski so any update on that bug? lol

The graphical side of these were unfortunately delayed until next months release, but I believe this will be changed! :slight_smile:


Like I said, I’ll make sure it finds the right people! :slight_smile: