[February] Neocom Menu Changes Feedback Thread

(CCP Deadlift) #22

This was not intended and should now be fixed

(Koebmand) #23

Please bring back colored icons as others request as well.
I do not want to make Neocom 5 cm wide and sit and analyze each picture for what it looks like - I just want to quickly click the bright blue / brown etc unrecognizable dot in my minimum wide Neocom so I have more screen space to see space.

Putting our face above the E menu made it more apparent the E is an icon that opens a menu. While it took a little getting used to actually think that was beneficial for new players.

Thank you for removing the underline of names in chat windows, that was really annoying / harder to read in small fonts (again screen space).

(MindLife) #25

Still dont have an opportunity to place “Ship Hangar” , “Item Hangar” and “Corporation Hangar” in my Neocom. When will there be a fix to this problem ?

Update I have send a bug report as written in the post. Maybe it’s time to sleep for a while. Just have to sit and wait for it to be fixed.