[February] Neocom Menu Changes Feedback Thread

This was not intended and should now be fixed

Please bring back colored icons as others request as well.
I do not want to make Neocom 5 cm wide and sit and analyze each picture for what it looks like - I just want to quickly click the bright blue / brown etc unrecognizable dot in my minimum wide Neocom so I have more screen space to see space.

Putting our face above the E menu made it more apparent the E is an icon that opens a menu. While it took a little getting used to actually think that was beneficial for new players.

Thank you for removing the underline of names in chat windows, that was really annoying / harder to read in small fonts (again screen space).

Still dont have an opportunity to place “Ship Hangar” , “Item Hangar” and “Corporation Hangar” in my Neocom. When will there be a fix to this problem ?

Update I have send a bug report as written in the post. Maybe it’s time to sleep for a while. Just have to sit and wait for it to be fixed.

Still dont have my “Item Hangar” & “Ship Hangar” icons in my Neocom. When is it expeted it will be fixed ?

Existing characters should NOT have their current Neocom sidebar rearranged, so if your Neocom does reset to the new default, please submit a bug report from the in game F12 menu, and name drop CCP Deadlift.

Waste of time as nothing ever happens. At least you could answer me instead of just ignore people.

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