Federal News Roundup (other than the Intaki Crisis)

Instead of posting a litany of threads dealing with every single issue that has arisen in the Federation that we know about via the recent news reports, I have decided to condense the most recent into one place for discussion as well as for me to express my own personal opinion on these events. I have chosen to omit the Intaki Security Crisis due to the ongoing IntakI Security Summit, the petition by Captain Heiwari as well as Mademoiselle Amadi’s detailed analysis of the involvement of Lai Dai into the conflict.

Stoure IV Federal Colony Raided by Sansha Splinter Group

On the 26th of July it was reported that a Federal Colony on Stoure IV, Goins Constellation, Solitude Region was assaulted by a ‘splinter group’ from Sansha’s Nation that identified themselves as the ‘Vimoksha Chorus’. It is currently unknown precisely how many casualties were suffered, although the initial reports described them as ‘devastating’, and it can be presumed that the majority of those missing have been abducted as per standard Nation modus operandi. This same group proceeded to assault the Imperial planet of Marmeha IV, Mareeriah Constellation, Aridia Region on the 1st of August with thousands confirmed as ‘missing’.

As someone who’s corporation is involved with the Shipping and Security franchise in the Nadire District, the same DIstrict that suffered the loss of the entire population of Esmes III to a Nation abduction raid in YC114, I’d be understating if I said that the possible resumption of these raids brings great concern not only to the District Parliament but also to the population of the District. The Stoure system is registered as a 0.7 security status system, which indicates that there is an above-average Federal Navy presence there, within one of the most heavily militarised sectors of Federal space. This ‘Chorus’ should have been interdicted by the Federal Navy long before they had the chance to strike at Stoure. Therefore, I am calling upon the Federation Navy and the Administration to release to the District Parliaments of the Federation any and all information pertaining to the Vimoshka Chorus so that we may better understand this new threat. With the uncertainty surrounding the nature of the Collective, we need to be aware of any other entities that are potentially threatening the safety and security of the member states of the Union.

Federation-CONCORD Ecological Survey Teams Reports “Significant Progress” in Mannar VIII Restoration Efforts

This is some promising news for those that trace their ancestry back to Mannar and for the Federation as a whole. I will provide some context for people who are unaware of the circumstances surrounding Mannar VIII, the homeworld of the civilisations collectively known as the Mannar. In FC91 (Federal Calendar), twenty four years before the Youil Conference, a species of insect that was crucial to the pollination process within the ecology of the planet suddenly underwent a period of mass extinction over the course of several months, ultimately resulting in the destruction of the planetary ecosystem and rendering it incapable of supporting human life despite the best efforts of thousands of scientists from all across the Federation. This event is referred to as ‘Doa de Kabar’ in the language of the main Mannar nation. Unfortunately, whilst the majority of the population of the planet relocated to the uncolonised Leremblompes II, present day Mannar Seginde, a combination of internal strife and civil war prevented CONCORD and Federation ecological survey teams from initiating efforts at restoring the planet’s habitation for over seventy years.

The ecological restoration of Mannar VIII to it’s former glory has been a long and arduous process not only for those involved but also for those that were forced to evacuate their home knowing that they may never return within their lifetimes, as well as their descendants. This cause was championed by the Villore Assembly in a resolution that reaffirmed the importance of restoring the homeworld of a nation that has given so much in service to the Federation throughout it’s history. With some hope, they may one day return to the homelands of their ancestors.

Arcurio Scorpions Score 31-22 Victory Over Caille Blasters in Blistering Luminaire Gravball League Season Opener

Big up for the Arcurio Scorpions! Let’s see how they fare against the rest of the league.

Talks Between Chandeille Equatorial Zone Factions Break Down Threatening Two-Year Ceasefire

I mentioned this particular bit in brief within a previous post when discussing about the Triglavian Collective and their incursions into Federal territory, but again I shall provide some background information in case any reader is unfamiliar with the events that unfolded on Chandeille (Lirsautton V).

For decades, the equatorial zone of Chandeille was subject to a series of bitter and destructive conflicts between squabbling Sang Do Overlords seeking to secure the resource-rich region for their own benefit, often contracting mercenary corporations including but not limited to the Kang Lo Directorate, Namtara Elite, Intara Direct Action, the Ostrakon Agency and the Seykal Headhunters to fight on their behalf. Two major factions arose in this period, the “Consolidation” and the “Prosperity Drive” groups, which intensified the conflict through their employment of these mercenary corporations, subsequently leading to the destruction of homes, businesses and lives as the war for the zone progressed.

The Villore Assembly were instrumental in assisting Federal negotiators in their efforts to broker a ceasefire agreement, with their first resolution being on the issue. This ceasefire has brought peace of mind and security to the thousands of inhabitants of Equatorial Chandeille and is the enduring legacy of the Villore Assembly. To reignite the war is nothing but a disservice to those that worked tirelessly to bring about the peace and compounds the already complicated situation facing the Federation with the Collective’s ongoing incursions.

Undoubtedly there have been a few I’ve missed. If others wish to raise them for discussion, please feel free to.


Dear Traitor!

(Or not so dear).
How DARE you bring my attention to the issues like that in such blatant manner?! I don’t care what happens in the Federation and will prefer to see it burning for all the crimes and inhuman atrocities they commit. It’s not my concern how they wriggle, whose boots you lick so much, trying to represent Federals as human beings.

Spare me of this nonsence!

If you want to link a “detailed analysis” of a certain person, do it by that person’s post, not mine.

Thanks in advance.

And have a nice jam.

Avert your eyes then.

Good work here Adams. I know I struggle to keep up with the news to often, it’s nice to have a more detailed compilation that is easy to access.


The Caille Blasters were robbed!

That aside, this is a very timely reminder of some important developments elsewhere in the Federation that are easily overlooked amid the headlines about Intaki. Thank you for taking the time.

I have a feeling Senator Bellaron’s proposal will come back into focus in the foreseeable future, possibly as an election issue.

There is also the Senate’s investigation into what the FIO was doing in Semiki. I’m not sure what to make of all that myself.


I haven’t had not nearly the same nice jams since the mandated changes to how Electronic Countermeasures operated were implemented, but I appreciate the sentiment all the same.

Thank you. I’ll try and keep it updated on this thread or make a new one when we have more news reported to provide an analysis from my personal point of view and knowledge.

Keep crying foul! You chaps were smashed and your hopes dashed on the rocks!

It certainly shall. From what we have seen reported, it has generated a strong movement within the Federation in favour of Senator Bellaron’s proposal as well as significant opposition from those against it. Whilst the Triglavian Collective has generated enough ‘noise’ to drown out Senator Bellaron’s proposal and the movement behind it, I am certain it is only a temporary state of affairs. Once the Collective has been mitigated to the extent it is no longer posing an existential threat to the Federation and her member states, I have no doubt that business will resume as normal and that the abolitionists will seize the day once more. Whether it will be decided before or after the Federal Election in YC122 is up in the air, although I would personally assume that a finality will occur before to capitalise on the gains made prior to the Collective’s invasion.

The Federal Intelligence Office having a listening post in the Aliastra station is not surprising at all as I’d assume that it is a fairly common strategy for the intelligence services of both the Federation and the State to operate them within space installations operated by friendly or constituent parties. It seems that the Black Eagles have gotten themselves involved if reports are to be believed. As the SDII generally only involve themselves in Federal corruption matters, this could indicate that there was an element of negligence in part to the FIO Semiki Station staff in regards to the cyberassault several months ago? We’ll have to see.

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