[Federal Union] Operation Resolute Enforcer – Our Triumph in Ouelletta

Authorised for release from the Peacekeepers/NADSC Office of Public Relations:

5th February FC241/YC126
Assiettes VI - Port of Adrasteia Field Office
Office of Public Relations

Credit to Captain Scius Falkenhaupt for producing this infographic.

My dear comrades, esteemed friends and allies, and all those I have the privilege of addressing on this good forum.

I have the unreserved pleasure in announcing that the capsuleer forces of the Federated Union of Gallente Prime have prevailed in the first victory over the forces of the Deathless, in a combined operation known amongst some of the participants as ‘Operation Resolute Enforcer’.

It is a testament to the gallant, heroic pilots of the Federal Defence Union and those that threw their lot in with their efforts to put an end to the designs of the Deathless over the Verge Vendor region that we were able to prevent the Guristas-aligned capsuleers from reinforcing their foothold in Ouelletta, culminating in the showdown on Saturday the 3rd of February between the forces of Liberty and Justice versus that of corruption and depravity. The resultant rout in the Battle of Ouelletta enabled the swift destruction of a significant number of the Guristas-aligned defensive armada to the tune of fifteen thousand million ISK destroyed, with the remainder withdrawing in short order.

I am especially proud of the performance of the Peacekeepers and the Consultancy, but it was the enormous contributions of the entirety of the Defence Union that made this victory possible, in particular the Eden Dominion Coalition, Sedition, Noir, and Of Essence amongst others for their tireless efforts to frustrate and suppress the Guristas invaders designs. Make no mistake, our foe was highly-organised, well-disciplined, and well-equipped in their endeavour to prevent this historic victory. They fought tenaciously, but you fought with an inexorable determination that could not be overcome. Reserved for particular praise are the commanders of the joint coalition fleet that marshalled the forces of the Defence Union on that climactic Saturday. Each and every one of you that stood in defence of our Union over the last week are worthy of every praise.

This is indeed in spite of opportunistic members of the State Protectorate that engaged defending FDU members across the afflicted area of the Federal Defence Cordon. I shall not name names or parties involved, but those that partook in such disgraceful conduct know who they are, and their deeds shall be remembered.

I can only but apologise to the citizens of the Amygnon system, and furthermore to all those that we failed to defend in previous insurgent campaigns waged by the Deathless in previous months to these unabashed criminal rogues. This is but one chapter of the war against the Deathless and their cronies in the Angel Cartel and Guristas Pirates, but I hope it will be the first of many victories achieved against their dastardly machinations inflicted upon the innocent, a sentiment that I know is shared by many across the Federation and the Republic, both Empyrean and ordinary citizen.

As you read this, the courageous pilots of the Minmatar Republic brought the Angel Cartel’s Forward Operating Base to a state of vulnerability and have successfully destroyed the structure in a clash during the early hours of the morning today. Two insurgencies defeated one after the other by those warriors that fight out of love for their fellow man and woman, that of their love for freedom, liberty, and justice. It is only fitting that we should be the first, but we certainly shall not be the last. Should the Republic ever require our assistance, to reaffirm my personal belief that the bond between the Federation and the Republic will endure forever, they only have to ask.

For Liberty and Justice. Einigkeit und Recht und Freiheit.


Edward Adams
Federal Caldari
Federation Peacekeepers


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