[Federation Day YC122] Federation Day Pageant

Hello, I am not a Gallente citizen, so I can’t run myself, but I would like to nominate my friend Zuri Sae Kouyama (@Zuri_Sae_Kouyama) for Ms. Federation. While she lives in null-sec, for as long as I have known her, she has always stayed true to the Federations’ values of righteousness and freedom in its many forms. The well being of her those around is her main priority, even though her methods of achieving her goals can sometimes be considered unconventional at best. Open-minded, respectful, and curious of learning about other people’s cultures, she is a great companion to have around, once you break her ice. And always up for a party and a good laugh.

Attaching her latest capsuleer portrait:

On behalf of Zuri,
C. Kautsuo

  1. My name is Tintallei Sharan. « Tint » for some, « Commander » for a few others.
    I’m afraid that the other ones are not to be displayed in a public place yet, even for a Gallente event.

  2. I will be going for Ms Federation.

  3. « Freedom » you say ?
    This one is an easy question.

For starter, I am a Capsuleer. For better of for worst, it should be clear to any capsuleer, the ons that haven’t been brainwashed by any Empire propaganda that is, that freedom is what we are all about. Free from the shackles of death, of poverty, of most planetsside authority, besides the ones exerced by other, more influents Capsuleers.

But this is a common trait most participant will already have, I bet. So, as far as I am personnally concerned, I did express my own Freedom in a way that please me : Fighting. The Freedom of attacking anyone, anywhere, for any reason you choose and when you choose to do it.

As a noticeable… Well, no, not much. As a… let’s say, « freelancer », mainly living in Low sec, I did take my freedom to engage absolutely any Capsuleer, from any imagineable affiliation. Gallente too, I’m afraid. But I’m sure you Gallente guys do love a good fight as much as I do, right ?

Shall we move on.

« Looking good in front of a crowd », hm ?

Well… How would you prove to baseliners that you are something special without the appropriate look ? How would you convince your crew members, or the civilians you recently captured in a raid, to spend a sympathetic night in your company if you were only decent or worst to look at ?

My shoes collection alone is worth more than the budget they allocated to the Defense against Triglavians in the system I lives in, damnit. I guess it’s the heels. Behond a certain size, the price gets kinda ridiculous.

And finally, you ask me to drive magazine sales. I’m not familiar with how your magazines works, but I would guess you could sell some with a lot of the previous things I said. An Amarrian participating to this little competition might be enough to sell magazines in the Empire territory. If not, I’ll be sure to do everything I can tonight to make them sigh at my actions during this night. Assuming you get enough interesting girls around. The Federation cannot disappoint a stranger about this part of their reputation, right ?

  1. What ? It’s not enough yet ?

Albeit being a Khanid Female pilot, in open conflict with GMVA, my presence in this beauty pageant contest has more to do with me losing a bet and less with current or past conflicts, or alliance for that matter. For anyone interested, the bet was linked to a whip. But don’t worry too much about it : Actually the responsible accepted a second bet around the fact that I wouldn’t dare to actually respect the first one. It looks like my revenge will come way sooner than she expected.

As a conclusion, what’s a tournament without a bit of corruption ?
I will offer a month VIP free pass to our Kinakka fighting Arena to anybody openly supporting me.


Hi Capsuleers! I’m Britvenia. Intaki by birth, Brawler when I need to, and Miner to chill. I am going for Ms Federation! I know that I will be a good representative of Federation values. The Dominix (and all of its variants) are my ships of choice. I have enclosed a pic so that Eve can learn all about me and see that my creator made no mistakes in my design, lol! GLTA contestants. Fly Safe and say “HI” when you see me in local. :slight_smile: :slightly_smiling_face:


Hello Federation Members or supporters.

Please consider me for this honor.

Natalie Solis Solima for Ms Federation

Why me? :

Gallente is the way. All who faced them know.
Drones swarming everywhere, suppressive and covering,
Wave after wave unending. Like a plague of death.
Blasters ringing out freedom and justice per salvo.

Burning green in the suns lights.
Hidden dark in the nights side.
Rail guns shouting firing far out of sight.
Sniping the over confident or those that flee

With humility through superior overwhelming fire.
Dampening all in line reading our might.
Forcing a knife fights proximity range
Great armor glancing foes offensive might.

Trust the Green. Die for it or from it.
Never surrender their motivation even if falling.
Ships may burn and Pods may explode.
Gallente unites ready for their duty no matter the fee.

Thanks in advance for any support. Much appreciated.
Trust in the green. o/



I nominate myself, Pamitha Lotus Devara Somuné, for Ms Federation.

To me the Ms Federation title is more than just magazines and gossip. It’s a title to serve as an inspiration for women and girls across the Federation. And I intend to be that inspiration now.
Us women in the Federation is more than just beauty and pretty smiles. We are intelligent. We are strong. We show true leadership. And I intend to show the world that we have the best women.

I’m half Jin-Mei and half Vherokior and I’m born in Verge Vendor, but I have already lived across many regions in the Federation. I have grown up among the many cultures of our great home nation. I have seen the beauty in every corner of the Federation, and I want to share it with you all as the Ms Federation.

I have a degree in molecular biomedicine, and I am proud to be among the many great scientists, who helping to create a better tomorrow in the Federation. As Ms Federation I want to be an inspiration to the girls who love science classes and want to pursue a career in science.

I’m currently working for my mother’s company and I hope that I one day will be able to take over. Strong leadership is what will keep us on right tracks, and I am thrilled that the Federation once again got a strong woman as president. As Ms Federation I want to inspire young women to pursue leadership regardless of the field they are in.

In my spare time I enjoy various of creative activities. I love fashion and using it to express myself. I love singing and I am trying to get better. I love Witchcraft and culture associated with ancient rituals and supernatural events. As Ms Federation I want to inspire the creative women in the Federation to love their creative minds and their femininity.

I’m Pamitha and I will be honoured to be the Ms Federation YC122


Nominating Franco Phonaga, call sign Francophobia for Mr. Federation. Photo attached:
I have always wanted to be in a Quafe ad.


I would like to nominate my girlfriend, Maira Sorn Blackfire as Ms Federation. Maira really should be writing this, but I’m a bit worried that she’ll tell me to stop if I ask her for help.

Maira Sorn Blackfire

Maira for me represents the essence of the Gallente Federation, she’s an immigrant that loves to study the languages and cultures that make up the fabric of the union. Maira works hard every with science and engineering to help people, lately her focus on that front has been to help the Federation fight the Triglavian invasion by providing supplies.

But Maira isn’t just a really really nice and a model citizen, she’s also very cute (I attached a picture) and her fanged smile always makes me blush and I think it would be wonderful to share that smile with all of the Federation.

In her spare time she likes to eat seafood and takes care of me and three foxcats - Nova, Akimitsu, and Hinako who are also very cute. But Maira also takes good care of her other girlfriend, her baby, and her pet snake Daisy.


Hey Friends!

Jans here, I would like to put my name in the hat for Ms Federation.

I encapsulate the values you are looking for in a very unique way that should be considered here today. I have been living in low security Gallente Federation space for over four years, while eliminating threats such as Serpentis, Sansha’s Nation, and hostile capsuleers. I sometimes make choices that make my public relations team lose their minds over, but I always work hard to regain security status with my friends over at concord.

I have been very ambitions during my time in New Eden, I’ve flown in some of the largest fleet formations that have ever been amassed earning my covenant fleet commander boots, that I wear with pride today.

I also set out on lengthy journey several years ago, to be the first capsuleers to travel to every K-space system, please see heat map of systems traveled to from old stellar map. https://imgur.com/Vr78LjP During these long trips I enjoyed traveling around seeing the beauty of the different places that all of you call home.

These days you will typically see me flying a logistical ship keeping friends alive, while looking cooler than everything. As I always take the time to shower and look good before undocking in one of my customized skinned hulls. If you are fortunate you might even find a few Holoreels I made during my time in “walking in stations” when I was working on some passion for fashion projects.

Hope you consider my entry, :heart: you all



I nominate Edward ‘MantelGlobalIndustries’ Adams for Mr Federation.

Mr Adams is a hardworking man and a true gentleman. He never hesitates to step up and fight for what is right and can set aside differences in order to work towards a goal that is beneficial to everyone. He is a man worthy of great respect and he looks damm good in a suit.

These days he has been busy fighting the Triglavians in order to keep our home safe from the invaders. And despite many hours of fighting he keeps going - strong as ever. With Mr Adams as the Mr Federation we will have a beacon of hope against the alien invaders.


Good luck to all the worthy contenders!

I am nominated my self for Ms Federation.

Blockquote First ever and Last ever Female Clone of a Male Person lived with his conscioness.


YOU CAN NOT BELEVE IT :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:



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I am nominating Mx Mizhir Devara, as Mx Federation.

Mizhir is scandalously fabulous, and at times fabulously scandalous. Perfect qualities for a Mx Federation. Famous scientist, philanthropist, patron of the arts, fiancé(e), and a fashion icon, I honestly don’t think I need to say more about why Mizhir deserves recognition as one of the Federation’s finest.


i am nominate my self for Ms Federation and Mx Federation. do u see any thing like this. vote for me :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:
if i dont win my :broken_heart: broken


I wish to nominate myself for the title of Mr. Federation.

I began my career much as many in the Gallente Federation do: as a miner and mission-runner. I built a strong backbone of industry, helping others to sharpen their skills and leading mining operations across Gallente space as my travels and interests took me all over the galaxy. I still consider mining to be a loved passion of mine.

I fought and survived the Battle of Caldari Prime on March 22, YC 115 (2013), and have honored the day ever since with Missing Man Formation ceremonies and the construction of the Luminaire Battle of Caldari Prime Memorial Citadel through the Live Events community.

Since YC 115, I fought on the front lines against Sansha incursions, hunting the roving fleets wherever Kuvakei’s men decided to rear their ugly heads. Now, I am shifting to combat Triglavians, as they are a threat to all people’s across New Eden.

Currently, I fight in Esoteria, defending a homeland with TEST Alliance, but I regularly return to high-sec to embrace the people I have come to admire and respect throughout my time as a capsuleer. I also host the smashing Luminaire Snowball Fights every year to rave reviews of citizens and the enigmatic “C C P” alliance alike.

I embody the Gallente values of honor, service to empire, defense of the homeland, and duty everyday that I undock to fly in this great universe of New Eden! No matter where I go, I will always call one place my true home: The Gallente Federation!

Happy Federation Day!


I am proudly Gallentean, but remain a friend to the world and I am honoured to call the Intaki, Jin-Mei, & Mannar my people.

Ours is a heritage of democracy and justice. The Gallente Federation is an identity of freedom and a culture of individual liberty; I will forever call it home. The legacy of the Gallente Federation, and its philosophy of freedom, will endure the test of time as it has before.

As a proud, die-hard Gallentean, I nominate myself - Renley Arathar - for Mr Federation!

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Добрый день!
Немного смотрю и мне очень все нравится. Не знаю что сказать///

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