Federation Navy Ranks

Hello everybody. I want to start a Fan Fiction story and was wondering, whether there is an overview about the ranks in the Federation Navy somewhere. Thanks in advance for all replies.

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No neat answer that I know of.
You may be able to infer quite a lot from FedNav Dog Tags and Militia ranks.

Here actually Ranks - EVE University Wiki

Im an Arch lieutenant for house Sarum.

I thought about that too. There are just a few Ranks with Insignias, but seem to be a mix of US Navy (Midshipman) and a variant of US Army (Navy Major instead of Lt Commander). So I guess I take the US Army ranks, put a Navy in front of it and be done. :slight_smile:

The Federal Navy’s ranking structure isn’t defined in one place, although we do know that the professional head of the Federal Navy is the Grand Admiral, with Anteson Ranchel currently occupying the position. I would personally see no issue with utilising the ranking structure of IRL armed forces for your story as we don’t have many instances of uniquely named ranks in the news attached to FedNav NPC characters. Ditto with the Federal Marines/Federation Army.

Although the Federal Defence Union is a separate entity to the Federal Navy, it is still part of the Federal Combined Armed Forces (FEDCAF) and it is likely that they share a similar ranking structure and have taken ranks from FedNav with a paramilitary twist applied i.e. Federation Minuteman (citizen soldiers), Luminaire General (General of Light).

Unless we see in the news of any uniquely Federal ranks in particular as we have seen with the recent Amarr/Minmatar ranks in the news, and I hope we do as the Federation has thousands of years of military history across it’s member states, I would say go ahead and use whatever you deem appropriate. :slight_smile:


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