Federation Peacekeepers Statement on Intaki, the Treaty of Airaken and Ceasefire with the Empire

This is my speculation. I may very well be in error, yet the current trends are deeply troubling and lend such reasoning weight.

  • The Federal Intelligence Office is an extra-constitutional force acting as a defacto private army, a praetorian guard if you will of The Gallente Elite.
  • Gallente Royalists are keen to share the abundance that results form their fruitful traditions and reap the rewards.
  • Individuals associated with an un-named precursor to the FIO were involved in the social engineering of Jin-Mei culture shifting the traditional balance of their caste system to that of a top heavy militaristic administration we see today.
  • The Political Officer role of FIO agents on Intaki is a breech of long standing agreements between Gallente Royalists and Idamaki. These agreements may not have been fully documented, yet Idama are not likely to forget.
  • The Supreme Court is subservient to the FIO and thus the Gallente Elite.
  • Monarchy can be a robust social structure if lead by an individual of righteous conviction willing to vigorously prosecute a reunion with Caldari brethren through conquest.
  • Rule through misdirection and fraud proves this not to be the case currently. A leader must step into the light and face the disgruntlement of the duped.
  • Over time the less civilised communities which defeat others are inclined to imitate the more civilised societies. I believe that is what we are seeing with this new union with the Amarr.
  • Gallente weakness will inevitably be exploited by the monolithic creed.
  • The lack of a bond of cohesion in a the Federal community has been demonstrated on the battlefield and on Intaki.
  • The fracture of the Federation into Oligachy and worse is a near certainty.
  • Such hard times will see survivors revitalised into a more cohesive entity but the Federation as we now know is likely lost.