Feedback of a casual gamer

my daily thing is

  • start eve launcher
  • download frelling 4 gb
  • collect daily reward
  • repeat

how the frell. can’t that deployment system be a bit more delta and a bit less “download the internet every day” thx :smiley:

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Give another feedback after a year, then it might have some value. What you are doing is like judging a Ferrari after sitting in one for 20 minutes during traffic jam.

Give another feedback after a reading the post, then it might have some value. What you are doing is like judging a Ferrari after sitting on the street next to it during traffic jam.

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itsa like that for over a year but ok, will rant again about the same next year

I think I probably would have gotten annoyed, figured out why it’s doing that, and fixed it at some point in the last year, but I guess living with it indefinitely and then complaining about it as if it were a normal and expected thing instead of a problem someone could fix is also an option.

Well, pretending hat one would have to download multiple GB each day is simply “making up things”. It has happened during the last days because of a new expansion and some serious fixes the days after launching it, but it is nothing that is usualy business in EVE. Over the course of a whole year, most days you don’t need to download any significant amount of data and complaining about that someones whole EVE experience is downloading stuff is simply nonsense.

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yrr well itsa true that i exaggerate that. but still if you look at the launcher log its downloading a lot and its undeltaed- and about exxageraten i was sure itsa good tone here considering ur post here for example . so you can call it nonsense but you coulda still accept the fact that deployment is not optimized and some ppl are anoyed by that .

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