Feedback on the Hydra

I saw that today the Hydra and Tiamat got a new bonus and an increase to shield capacity, I think that puts them in a good place. Not as powerful as some of the previous AT prize ships but it’s passable.

There is one thing missing from the Hydra however, and I urge that it gets fixed before release.
Both the Chremoas and the Caedes (and the Virtuoso, though that is a Stealth Bomber and not a CovOps) have the “No targeting delay after Cloaking Device deactivation” role bonus. The Hydra does not.

This bonus makes the cloaky AT frigates truly unique and powerful hunters, and if the Hydra is to go without any bonused EWAR or ranged weapon systems then at the very least it needs this similarity to the other AT covops.

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