Fighter launch tubes on T2 BB hull?

(Old Pervert) #41

Right, so in the case of blops, you’re still missing advanced space ship command and capital ships. And as I said, carrier has a higher training multiplier than blops bb does. And you’re missing all of the capital tanking and capacitor management skills.

JDC5 is a practical requirement, not an imposed one. Their range, unlike blops, is quite simply insufficient without JDC5 - any capital pilot can tell you this.

Advanced weapons 5 is needed for both marauders and dreads. So in the case of marauders, you’re still missing advanced spaceship command and capital ships. And you’re missing all of the capital tanking and cap management skills. And cap guns have a larger training multiplier than large guns. And you need tactical reconfig.

Fighters require far more skills than even drones do. I’m not contending a difference here compared to a T2 BB hull that would use fighters. I’m merely saying that relative to large guns, they’re substantially more SP intensive both in requirements and in related support skills.

I can agree with you 100% that battleships, both T1 and T2, are underrepresented. Painfully so. But the assertion that training into a blops or marauder is more skill intensive, which is eactly what you did say, is utterly, empirically incorrect.

You’ll note I didn’t (in the bullets at least) compare the unrelated aspects such as different weapon platforms. I didn’t include things like tactical reconfig (or triage). I didn’t include a lot of elements. The bullet form was essential skills only. Certainly both hulls, on account of their fitting profiles and hull costs, require high SP. But to say they need more than any capital is flat out incorrect.

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You said, and i quote:

Thats not true. Essential skills, which i would consider as those that are listed on the “Requirements”, and i think you would agree are also essential, is more than just racial battleships 5.

If youre going to add things like “Advanced spaceship command 5” in your bullet points, which is on the “Requirements” page for Capitals, then its dishonest to simply state that you need battleship 5 for T2 battleships.

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That is a fair criticism. I do stand by the substance of my argument, however, that capitals are far more skill intensive than T2 battleships. By any measure of “you should have these skills” or “you need these skills” or anything in between, though the “you should have these skills” list makes that gap in training time grow substantially.

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I would support a new variant of the 3rd BS in each class as a T2 “flak boat” of sorts. Has a siege/bastion mode that locks it down in an area and allows for high damage against fighters/drones (and all variants)

Relatively fast cycle like marauder bastion, possibly bonused MJD to allow for fast deployment around the grid.

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Man, that’s a great name you picked.