Filaments pseudo random function

As much as i like filaments theres one big issue with them - they go to Delve WAY too often.
Out of 6 Filaments i did so far 3 went to Delve 1 to Querious and only 2 got me some reasonable distance.
Verry disappointing to use a filament and show up just a few jumps from where i started.

Filaments should not go to the same region from where they are used.

Maybee its a homing beecon

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Maybe these are just “return home” filaments for the Imperium, with no jump fatigue.

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I guess filaments will drop u where there is most activity in New Eden…
Rest of the New Eden is like outback, you can easily circle the whole map in freighter without seeing anyone!

It is like a Zen Koan: if local is empty, is it still a blue donut?

Leave the blue donut. Problem solved.

Hey, are you using the noise or signal filaments?

Apparently the noise filaments are completely random, while the signal filaments are psuedo random -meaning that they are more likely to take you to an active area of space. So, if you use signal in one of the most active regions in the game, you’d have a good chance of staying in that region. If you used noise, however, you still might end up in Delve, but hopefully it would happen less often.

Taken from the signal filament’s description:

opens a conduit able to transport 25 ships to a pseudorandom destination weighted by “signal profiles” discernible in the quantum fluctuations of space-time.

and from the noise filament’s description:

pens a conduit able to transport 25 ships to an apparently random destination, within broad parameters based on “noise profiles” in the underlying quantum fluctuations of space-time.


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