Filaments need a rebalance, CCPlease

Basically to sum it up

The good:
Positive use for y33t fleets for fun times with friends

The bad:
100% No death escape from jail card

  • Trapped in a system with all gates bubbled cause u went in without knowing the land and who the owners are? Fila away!!!
  • Carrying valuable cargo and 10 man fleet came out from WH? Fila away!!!
  • Fighting with enemy and seems to be losing? Warp out, ping between safes for 15 minutes. Fila away!!!
  • Feel like abusing this escape mechanic? Fila away!!!

just make it that using a fila incurs

  • a spool up time of 1 minute
  • a no warp zone similar to ESS
  • beacon appears(either scannable or directly warpable)

It allows the positive while negative the negative. Done. Rest my case.

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I have less of a problem with filaments for the reason you describe than I do with how you can so easily use them to avoid EVE geography. The fact you can use them to extract to highsec from pretty much anywhere cheapens the experience of actually being deep in lawless space.


Only if all your ships have a cloak which is certainly not a given and is always going to cause the overall capability of the ships to be lower, and if the ones pursuing don’t have a good prober and organisation.

that is not relevant considering a competent group can bounce safes and never be caught without cloak

Most people aren’t good enough, organised enough, smart enough and have an attention span long enough to make that happen. Some will, most won’t. Many will fck it up, there will be stragglers.

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