Filament Balance Restrictions

Ill keep this short and simple. Every null-sec players knows the pain of having neutrals randomly filament into your territory, run away for 15 minutes, then take an exit filament because “the locals formed too quickly”.
I propose the simple change of making filaments only activatable in low-sec of high-sec. Lore wise you can change the reasoning that the open conduit relies upon a stable connection to the ORE relay network and this connection is too unstable when operating in null-sec regions.
Benefits of this would be to still encourage PvP content for both filament gang and locals without just wasting everyone’s time while you wait for a combat timer to expire.

I am constantly amazed at how bad null sec dwellers are at combat probing.
You have 15 minutes to probe out and land tackle to get the kills before they can exfil to Pochven.
Speaking as someone who regularly has 20 Vargurs and a handful of HAW dreads dropped onto my small gang nano roam, i see no reason for change.
The infil filaments are not very functionally different to a wormhole opening up.

EDIT: the introduction of filaments has, by and large, given us more confidence to take larger and more expensive ships on null roams. We at least have a chance to save them when the inevitable blob drops in and bubbles all the gates.
Again: get better at combat probing and you’ll catch us more often.


Unfortunately it is vastly easier to make multiple safes for 15 minutes and to keep bouncing around than it is to scan down, warp and tackle a ship. Or to simply go to the ESS and pilot 1000km off if you don’t wish to take the fight. Only thing able to catch up to a nano-fit cruiser that doesn’t want to take a fight on the ESS grid is that one noble tackle pilot that wont have backup. Makes a waste of time for both parties while you wait for 15 minutes pointing in 1 direction. If we bring multiple frigates to have a chance at a fight then warping off and making multiple safes is the next option. So its just easier for null-sec dwellers to setup a gate camp and wait for the small gang to leave or to dock up and make a cup of tea for 15 minutes.

Its just simply dull content for both parties and I much preferred the time when warping into a dead end system had its consequences because you eventually had to leave.

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Get better at combat probing. Invest in a set of Virtues and the 10% slot seven and eight Poteques. Train up max probing skills and covops V. The difference in probing speed between a max skills Virtue Buzzard and Freddy Nullbear in his t3d is quite considerable.

Catching someone who doesn’t want to get caught isn’t the easiest task, nor should it be.

Bookmark the safes as you land at them. Leave dictors at those safes?

Send a dictor to bubble the warp beacon at the ESS and we’ll land in it if we try this stunt.

With the sheer numbers of bored Standing Fleet nullbears, it doesn’t matter if the system has one gate or five: they’re all going to get bubbled, assuming said standing fleet is capable of thinking and breathing at the same time.

My personal group has 8 systems in our constellation. What your suggesting to catch one guy wanting to exit our little pocket requires 8 dictors to cover the ESS since we have to be there before the roaming gang, multiple roaming dictors to cover safes which they can always make more of. One tackle pilot with 6 months worth of training in scanning skills and a custom set of implants every time we want to try and catch someone.

There is a reason that we do blob when we catch people like this and its because we are forced to bring that many pilots just to cover 1 person who wants to come in and gank our miners. Unfortunately my corp is only capable of flash forming 5 or so people which isn’t enough to cover what you suggest. A lot of groups like this can agree unless operating on an alliance level standing response fleet that its highly annoying to be trying to hunt small gangs or solo roamers only for them to disappear after they trapped themselves into a dead end system. A mistake like that should have more of a consequence than waiting 15 minutes and then disappearing.

I will take your suggestion however and get a set of those implants to try and improve the chances of catching people. But I, and many others can still agree that the ability to filament away from a dangerous situation is extremely frustrating and quite frankly makes alot of people just walk away until the nuisance has passed.

I’m sure its very frustrating for you. Just as it’s very frustrating for me to take a four man nano gang into 0.0 and have supers dropped on us. It’s frustrating to jump into a system, d-scan down an Ishtar then land in the site as it’s warping off.

Filaments bring content to your doorstep. Without them, we’re back to the days of Slicer gangs and cheap ships. With them, we’ll bring along some big Battleship instead of an Oracle for damage.

If you’re a small group, then yes it’s harder. But trust me when I say that roaming in PHorde or Goon space means enough Vargurs to blot out the sun along with HAW dreads and supers will get thrown at my five man gang in very short order.

one other thing: max skilled prober alts are incredibly useful in a variety of situation.
Granted I’m a wormholer, but I have a total of eight, including my main combat pilot who rarely flies a Buzzard. Four have virtue pods and two more are training up. It’s about a 3-4 month train for max skills, but well worth it imho.
They’re very useful to have.

So you would like to go back to gate camping again and let other players no options but to take your gatecamp basicly

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Hard nope from me

Nope from me as well. For a very simple reason:

If you are going to blob them so hard thad they see no other way than warping around between safes for 15 min before exfilling to Pochven, these little 15 minutes waiting time are a ridiculously small price to have your almost 100% peace again afterwards for (probably) hours. Remember: They came for a fight, if you would leave them any chance to get an interesting engagement they would probably take it instead of blueballing you and jump out.

ProTip: If there are 10 guys filamenting in, just offer them a ~10 man gang of your own guys to fight in comparable ships. Everything will be over in less than 10 minutes, gf’s can be exchanged in local no matter who has won and then let their survivors leave to Pochven. Great content, a nice chance to learn and you have back your peace immediately.


Filaments don’t balancing, they need to go the way of the dodo.

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