Filaments create Content but destroy some Player Experiance

Hello all,
so the filaments are a good thing. But they also destroy a lot, in my opinion. The 0.0 is already hard to some extent very hard fought for. Wen one has found a place where you can operate a little PVE, this should be possible? The reason why I write here is simple. If you fight in the 0.0 NPC’s or just miner is, and you already provide for the security through Intel channels etc… Should you also be able to do something that you like to follow the kan. I stand in a Haven with my really hard-earned Maurader. And suddenly a 10 man gang comes in without having come through the gate and you don’t even have the possibility to defend yourself in any way. So for me, a part of my game that I like to play died and makes less sense that there is this mechanic in Eve. I like these filaments too, no question. But they also take away the players possibilities or restrict them hard. Especially since you can not filament into the normal wormholes. These are outside before-.-

Please CCP finds another solution than one with these filaments. There must be another way to promote content than this.

Please no hate answers. Please stay objective and nice.

Unlucky. Did you warp out before they landed? Did you tell your corpmates your name, location, and situation and ask for their help?

Also, “you don’t even have the possibility to defend yourself in any way”… what? i think all ships except freighters, shuttles, opus luxury yacht have defense systems. marauders are arguably the most dangerous subcaps out there

99% of the day, most of 0.0 is empty and perfectly safe.

It is, many many people are doing it.

You cannot provide security through Intel channels. You can only provide security through firepower.

You had. You chose a ship that you knew before would sit in space like a duck for like a minute when you are in Bastion mode. So you wouldn’t have chance to escape an ambush. You chose a system to fly in where you had no backup that could reach you in time. You had not enough tank on the ship to survive an ambush for long enough to get help. You probably had no PvP fit on that Marauder to kill the opponents before they break you. I don’t think there is anyone else to blame… but you.


Honestly I’ll take filaments over running into a gatecamp anyday.

The Filaments ruin the Game, guys who said no thets didnt… They don´t know what happens in 0.0.
For Example you sit in a Golem and still chilling Ratting… in 1 Sec 10 Neuts came via Filament. Maybe your Bastion cycle is over… maybe it startet in that sec who they come… And if you are in a little Corp or Allianz you never had a chance to win this Fight! They come with Logis,Bubblers and DPS ships… so dont say to me i have a chance!! I wish me the Old Eve back! Some changes are good but some are very bad. And the Flaments is one of them.

You can´t chilling in your System and feel safe with other Corpmember around… cuz every second the Local can spike.

Filaments are really a non issue. Personally I’ve tried using them to access nullsec PvP a number of times now and found them to be pretty much useless in that regard. Anyone who actually used that method to hunt your Golem got pretty lucky. They probably had to spend hours tediously filamenting all over nullsec before they caught you.

However, I do think that using filaments to get back out of null via the Pochven corridor is a quality of life improvement for a lot of different folks, and should be improved upon by filaments that take you directly to lowsec without the detour through Pochven.

I think we can all agree that nullsec is the safest area of the game for PVE activities by far, and that this remains true even with filaments existing. The little bit of wildcard effect that they provide, that you might lose a ship to filamenting hunters if you happen to be having a very unlucky day, does not fundamentally mean that nullsec is now dangerous.

They’re really no different than random wormholes opening up, which has been a thing for ages.

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Just use your Brain pls first… ofc the Nullsec is the safest. But with these Filaments not more! ANd i hate the Filament mechanic. Now i got 3 times instant neuts in our Systems. So i hope mane Players do the same and now i will cancle my Abo and say thanks for the great good time CCP.

I dont play with these dumb Filament mechanic.

gg, may i have your stuff?

Except you can fit a lot more ships through a wormhole than you can filament.

Barely anyone will, since Filaments were a good addition to create some PvP content. Or even Ninja-PvE.

I hope you are a very rich player and you quitting the game serves as ISK- and asset sink! :sunglasses:

Btw,. the Filaments make the Rorqual totaly useless…

You miss the old eve where a cloaked ship would just cyno a hotdrop on top of you instead.

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I dont understand. In theory nullsec is the hardcore part of the game where almost no rule applies… but then this guy is complaining about not being able to AFK and relax in his nullsec system as it would be the common thing to do there…

Am I missing something here?


No you’ve got it. The bar gets pretty low on the forums sometimes.

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I never afk in Nullsec, but need to make ISK for my PVP ships . We have the ESS in nullec, that makes it attractive enough for many PVP guys. So we dont need the Filaments too. Thats my Oppionion. You guys mean i do AFK ratting and just do PVE,… thats not true. But sometimes i lke to chill in Eve and just Ratting or Mining, Scanninng. I love EVE, thats the best Sandbox MMO since many years.

How about the really old EVE where someone could fire a doomsday through a cyno?

(Before my time)

I cannot say I agree with you on this - sure Havens and Sanctums and such are fun to run but with good isk should come some risk.

The likelihood that some random gang will just filament into your system is relatively low (with thousands of star systems in EVE).

What IS more likely is that a lone covops pilot found a wormhole or an unidentified wormhole and managed to scan you down and BLOPS in their friends.

Now THAT is a pain but hey an expected risk that I must bear if I want to put a multi-billion ISK ship up for PVE. If you dont like that then play with something that can always be aligned and instawarp out, like say a carrier or a pirate BS.

There is a significant portion of null sec that play what I call the “Safety Switch” game.

When they are trying to get players to join their alliance, they talk about how null sec is the safest space because its relatively safe due to local letting you see dangerous neutrals/reds and intel channels. So, its the safest when it benefits their recruitment of players.

Now, if we are talking about income streams, these same null sec players will tell you null sec is the most dangerous space because of bubbles, lack of gate guns, no CONCORD, etc. And thus null sec should obviously have the best sources of income.

Null sec is simultaneously the most dangerous and least dangerous depending on whatever narrative works best for the null sec narrative. It annoys me to no end.

And I say this as someone who is in a null sec alliance.

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