END ESS get out of jail free mechanic

all you have to do to avoid conflict is go to the ESS and get more than 100 off the gate. after that you just wander off and no one can get to you until your filament timer is up and away you go. this is not pvp, nor content . its a get out of jail free card for risk averse pilots
it is time for this stupid aspect of ESS mechanic should be eliminated


You’re talking about that it is too easy to use a filament to escape a fleet that is chasing you?

I agree, that is a problem.

Filaments are great at providing content, but have issues with how they also deny content by allowing safe extractions. Wormhole filamenting has been fixed, but it would be good if this problem of filaments in other parts of space were also addressed.

I think it would be better if filaments had a spool up timer of 30 seconds before the fleet is teleported away.

That way, a fleet can be caught if they try to use a filament after waiting out their capsuleer logoff timer cloaked or in between warps, as a chasing fleet that puts in effort could be able to probe and catch them in that time.

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filaments should be limited by ESS mechanic at the very least. if we cant warp or probe land on them, they shouldnt be able to filament either. no way should they be able to just motor a few hundred Kilometers and just sit there with a silly grin waiting out ther timer.

What were you fighting against and what did you bring?

you are missing the point. there isnt a fight. they just keep moving farther out and doing nothing until they filament.
although fighting using the current mechanic outside the activation gate is garbage. unless you have spped advantage you are stuck. you cant send shops out to lock them down because you cant warp to them. you can use other tactics, but mostly it is a waste of time chasing ESS risk averse fleets.

In the past I was a part of a fleet of several command destroyers who staggered their use of jump drives to get our fleet on top of theirs.

Sounds like fun and a good use of game mechanics in your favour!


Do you prefer no content or some content sometimes? ESS generates content. Sometimes it’s bad content like fleets that won’t fight anything, but bad content also comes from null folks who overship and bring way more than is needed. Filaments are the easiest way for non null folks to get to null. There’d be less content in null without filaments. Personally I’d have no reason to go to null if i can’t filament around and there are others who wouldn’t either. If you don’t want content in null you could buy up all the filaments out there to get rid of that content.


Filaments have up- and downsides.

Allows groups to easily get to a random (busy) system in null sec for content.

Allows groups to press a button to instantly flee out of sticky situations without fighting, removing content.

While I would say that filaments are a good addition to the game, I think they should be changed to not allow such easy extractions.

Right now all a fleet needs to do to escape is to wait out their 15 minute timer, either cloaked or while warping between safes, after which they can instantly disappear. I’ve used it, and there is very little a chasing player can do about it.

The solution is simple and keeps the positives of filaments intact while addressing the negatives:

Give filaments a 30 second delay between activation and teleportation.

(During which time the fleet is uncloaked and gathered around the trace, both of which can be probed down.)

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Massive response fleet outnumbers and outforms smallgang roamers giving the roamers no chance of victory and forcing them to try to escape via ESS. But it’s the roamers who are risk-averse, not the blob response fleet! Riiight


stop flying your plated cruisers that move at 300m/s and actually get in a frigate so you can catch things.
your ratting ships are not built to catch ■■■■.

the issue raised was not the filaments themselves, but the bizarre mechanic outside the ESS that prevents wapring to friend or foe. although there are counter options they are limited, all a fleet has to do is move out from the gate and they aer essentially in a safe zone. take the safe zone away pleese

I agree about that.

The deadspace zone around the ingate towards the ESS is silly. As deadspace it functions inconsistently with the rest of the EVE universe, but you have absolutely 0 indication that the space you’re in is different as you did not take a gate yet.

Players have to learn a lot of things about EVE, but the fact that you cannot warp on the grid to fleet members next to the gate towards the ESS but can warp everywhere else is just inconsistent and bad gameplay.

The ESS grid itself after you took the gate, where the big bubble is and you’re disallowed to use microwarp drives is fine by the way. This clearly is a different part of space with different rules. I’m talking about the inconsistencies of the space before you take the gate.

Wait, you can’t probe people doing ESS? I have no idea how these things work (I just read them on eve uni and got so confused and my eyes glazed over). Tell me how you can get lots of ISK while being probe-proof.

You can probe them, but you cannot warp to them as they’re in dead space. If you warp to them, you land on the ingate to the ESS. So if they’re far out on that ingate grid, you cannot warp to them directly. And if they’re in the ESS itself (after taking the gate) you cannot warp to them either.

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