Filament Spam

So lets talk Filaments. We all know how it is now days with your filaments out here, how you filament to some random space, get cornered and then just ping around to safes for 15 minutes and then filament again with 0 struggles, 0 risk and just an easy life. So far this is a mechanic that is infuriating for defenders and has no counter play. Sure you can combat scan and such but its incredibly unreliable to catch small targets and even some nano battleships can ping very quickly.

Proposition - Much in the way we have the Observatories for decloaking people, Introduce a mobile structure that inhibits filaments in the system it has been placed in.

Some example Stats on it:
5 minute anchor time
roughly 10-20m build cost
2 hour life span
non scoopable
very fragile, roughly 10k EHP at most so leaving it undefended would result in it being easy to remove.
25 M3 size

This structure should serve as a counter measure for filamenting OUT of the system. I personally dont believe it should inhibit filaments coming to your systems.

Currently there is no counter play to filamenting in and out of enemy systems. This is incredibly broken and gives 0 risk for those who are just simply jumping around and hunting. You can easily filament, and if you dont like what you see, just sit there and filament again and its all easy.

It’s not, the point is filaments bring people to those places, take away this ability and the number of “potential” targets goes down, then what???

People are catchable you just need to work for your food have you even considered dropping a mobile deposit, cloak then wait for people to come to you cause they will be hunters too, and not explorers.

nothing i expressed here takes away the potential targets at all. so it takes nothing away from getting potential targets or anything like that. This just stops these people from being “safe” to jump filament and then ping until their timer is up and do it again. There is no counter play to it. no matter how good you are at scanning, a nano ship will be able to warp and ping faster every time.

I would disagree, I’ve been in WH where pinging didn’t help at all, these people know all the typical warp points for people doing this and waiting for these folks like me who got blapped thinking I was safe because I was moving quickly to different spots every warp.

In fairness, the WH group know how to scan, and have a lot of experience doing it.

The nullsec noobs have difficulty finding an anomoly on the scanner, let alone scanning a moving target to pre-positioning probes and timing things to land them such that an intercepter will be in warp as the target lands.

This nullsec noob is asking for a get-out-of-jail free card to get free kills on a target or group of targets locked in the system with no way out – like the “good ol days”. Instead of adapting to the new stuff, or hell, learning how to scan which hasn’t changed in over 10 years, he just wants a “we can spend more isk to win harder with more players!” option.

which is bullcrap. If you are too inept to catch the target within 15 minutes, then you deserve to have them filament away.

The only situation where this is almost true is with frigates with multiple anti-ECM loaded sensor boosters inside of a wolf rayet hole. Almost as in a virtue pod will still get them.

Your lack of knowledge on the proper use of game mechanics does not mean that it is impossible.

If you add more blob risk, people will be less willing to try out nullsec pvp because it is no fun to get blobbed, and making that happen more often will decrease hunting traffic to your area.

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