Filament Jammer

I think it would be cool to see some kind of module which can be fitted to ships which prevents people from filamenting out of your system, this way when roamers come in, someone can just “nope” them from leaving that way, doesn’t prevent filament roams because when you go on one of those you expect to die in a ball of flaming death and all you have to do is move system to bail out.

Mobile depot can do that iirc. Have to be 1000km away of any structure which mobile depot is. Its a way they hunt abyss runners by not letting them dive again.

Its interesting how the daily challenge is usually something to do with filaments. And it seems to me that they are using the daily challenges to steer how people play and they arent even trying to hide it. Why are they trying to steer people into using filaments (And evermarks for that matter)? Its because its boring in itself and players arent interested. And that should make someone, somewhere cringe, because of the resources and time spent developing it.

true but I’m talking about a system wide, sort of like a cyno jammer. but instead of a deployable, slap it onto a ship.

maybe it’ll be more important down the line, theres a lot of cool stuff in game which isn’t being used, remember that whenever something happens in game it only happens for a few months tops, didn’t the FW shipcaster event only last like 2 months at most or something?

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