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Ok so Wormhole been targeted again GJ CCP So now can’t use filaments what the feck ever ok so if doing that then should also make it so when do like HS filament others can not warp your gate follow or see it then. Why implement things game then take away or feck it up is beyond me dumb just like the nulli nerf for interceptors and t3

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Isn’t due to WHers crying about roach fleets?

Also any WH nerf, it’s Arc’s fault :smiley:

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Let’s ask the CSM. Oh wait, that never works.

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You said it best.


Targeted again? You are literally printing money like no tomorrow and w-space lived and thrived without filaments for over a decade. Just wait until you really get hit with actual nerfs. Filaments should have never been implemented because of course people would only use them as easy get in and easy get out joker to avoid all sorts of consequences. Casualization like this doesn’t improve the game. It makes it worse, as all the complaints about the taking away of this incredibly damaging convenience feature demonstrate.



I totally agree here, removing the usage of filament from WH is a poor decision. I understand the point where people may feel cheated or angry that some rolling battleship may escape a gank by using a filament to get out of J-space where they got trapped. But if this is the main reasoning, then CCP would have been better to put an opening timer on the filament, the gate then would just take some 10 seconds or so giving time to would-be gankers to scram the ship, or some of the ship, trying to escape via filament. Thus preventing said ships from taking the filament gate.

No of course not CCP needed to ban the usage of filament. Well, then just remove the filament from the game completely!

I am super disappointed yet again by CCP.

No WH people are not printing money any more and this is thanks to Null sec block, crying on about the old capital escalations and the use of auto target missile used to farm anomalies from 500km away from the anomaly. yes back in the day we did make lots of money, not any more.

I’m ok with filaments not working in WH. What’s funny is nerfs are def coming cause Arc popped at Brisc and Brisc basically said the same thing.

So the WHers can at least take it out on Arc LOL.

How so? I day trip without filaments all the time and do just fine LOL.

LOL ok bud. Ya’ll are literally printing money in your holes. Also your buddy Arc already popped off at Brisc and told us we were poors and he was so rich from his hole.

Hell, he said he had 10 bil to burn just trynna lure me in to kill me.

So uh yea. I get why you’re trying to smoke screen.

Having to use wormholes to get in and out of wormhole space. That can’t be right! Literally game breaking!


Do we have filaments that take us to random J-space systems yet?

Anything that makes mindless grind-farmer cattle cry is good for the game.


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