Filaments need to be changed

Since CSM is completely and utterly useless for all intents and purposes, to the point they can’t even serve as captain obvious, they force us to become captain obvious to say the obvious things to CCP in our posts.

Here’s obvious thing #1: Filaments were an extremely stupid idea, and implemented in the most stupid low-effort way possible.

But CCP was obviously fully committed to maximum stupid in 2019, so after saying what CSM should be screaming on top of their lungs, let’s talk about another problem of filaments which surely was not unexpected but nevertheless ignored like any other reasonable thing in current implementation.

We currently have 9 people logged off in our half-constellation. All of those are “filament roamers”, or rather let’s refer to them by their true name, lowest effort ganktarding trash. All those time we couldn’t do anything else than to form for lowest effort ganktarding trash, which just keeps coming and coming, we had to break deployment, and feel simply exploited like a receiving end of a content sponge for trashes who simply click a button on jita. And every single time you actually form for them, they are like surprised pikachu who expected nullsec to be only filled with afk gilas and not actual pvp fleets, and simply log off without EVER fighting anyone! Therefore, filaments need following changes:

  1. If you cannot return to your point of origin within N hours, your ship and pod are going pop. You came to fight? Then fight. You wanted nullsec content? Come get it, don’t log off.

  2. Filaments should not be able to get activated in systems above 0.3 sec.

  3. Filaments should not be instant, instead they should spawn a beacon and activate in 2-5 minutes - that way they can actually become lowsec content, and I dare you telling me lowsec doesn’t need it.

  4. Finally, activating a filament should cost plex. I know, plex sink and ■■■■, but the way it is now, it is simply too low key cheap to do, and that needs to be fixed.

Salt posts and crybabies like this are part of the reason why I love these new filaments. No more perfect Intel and perfect safety for these kids. Now they have to at least pay attention to their games more than once an hour.


^ This. CCP should make these a permanent thing.


Of course every low effort ganktarding trash loves every piece of instant gratification tool at his disposal.

Until CCP milks you for it like it milked me. Get ready, trash.

With all the proposed changes, no problem.

Otherwise, well, no subscription.

IOW, “only if I get my proposed changes to make nullsec farming safer again”. Sorry, but renter trash need more danger. It is a great thing that there is a way for random fleets to show up in your space and become a permanent threat. And it’s even better that you whine and cry about how inconvenient it is that they disrupt your farming and force you to keep a PvP force active.

Otherwise, well, no subscription.

Ok, bye. Can I have your stuff before you leave?


Nullsec was never safe anywhere outside wet dreams of ganktards fapping on jita undock.
Space where I live is especially unsafe, and I’m not a renter, yet because lowsec border is close, I get the brunt of the low effort ganktarding trashes roaming and filamenting.

There are already wormholes, more than enough danger, filaments are nothing new in danger department, yet somehow low effort ganktarding trash perceives them as mode danger.

It would be great somewhere in lowsec. In nullsec, you have A LOT of space maintenance to do, and the endless stream of low effort ganktading trashes is making it impossible.

pvp in eve is a boring niche system which should not be dealt with more than necessary, and I protest being milked as a content sponge for every low effort ganktarding trash who presses a button on jita.

Can you please improve humanity’s gene pool by self-removal?

Lol, sure, whatever kid.
How about you be a good little boy and call me a “ganktard” again. Daddy likes it when you try to insult him. :slight_smile:

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TL;DR: you suck at EVE, can’t defend your space, and don’t deserve the PvE rewards. Have you tried not being bad at EVE?

pvp in eve is a boring niche system which should not be dealt with more than necessary, and I protest being milked as a content sponge for every low effort ganktarding trash who presses a button on jita.

And I protest farmer trash like you being permitted to exist and have forum posting privileges. Go back to WoW and stop crying about how PvP exists in a PvP game.


How can I clain “pve rewards” if I don’t have a single moment to actually do pve, you stupid moron?
And I held that space for a year now, trash who never held anything but his dick in his fat hands shouldn’t talk.

Eve was never a pvp game, it is not a pvp game, and would never be a pvp game.
Eve is a sandbox game, as stated on the front page, that has pvp capabilities strapped on a side of combat system. It’s a niche boring zero-depth system one should not be concerned more than necessary with.
Yet trashes who are not even ISK-positive pose as a greatest pvpers of all time… the request stends, please remove yourself, improve humanity.

[Citation needed]


Gankers are not PvPers and therefore he never lost a PvP match and EVE was never a PvP game :rofl: :crazy_face: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The earth is flat…

Filaments were introduced last year, but he’s only crying about them now. I wonder what krabbing ship he lost because he was afk and not paying attention that made him get this triggered.

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