Find link to latest launcher/installer programatically

I try to improve my installer script for EVE on Linux and wonder if there is a way to figure out the link to the latest installer/launcher? Something like a json file I can download and parse that contains the latest release information.

TBH easiest way to run EVE on Linux these days is with Proton via Steam. I’ve been using it for past year or so and has been pretty smooth. Works out of the box; 60fps dx11, etc.

Well yes, but that is only easy because people test upstream wine and dxvk to report regressions, so future versions of Proton will continue to work without issues at the press of a button. I just try to make that process easier. :wink:

Are devs not answering questions in this forum anymore?

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CCP have never answered questions in this part of the forum…
It’s also a very long time since anyone from CCP posted in this part of the forum (that was back when SnowedIn still worked for CCP).

They actually did at some point. But that was probably back when they had employees that where actually enthusiastic about their game.

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