Find the Hidden Alliance Logo in Ship Graphics

This is a new contest that should be fun for everyone. Simply look for patterns on ships and convert them into Alliance logos.

I will start it off. This one came from the back end of a Moa.

It is a logo for the fictional High Sec Mining Bears Alliance logo and comes in four flavors.

The Blue logo indicates top alliance level membership where the Bear is able to fully mine, pvp, pve, explore, ect. These members will be able to fly Super Caps that would include Titans but are not required to fly Titans.

The alliance is obviously NRDS and +10 Blue as well as being NRDM or Not Red Don’t Mine, meaning that if it isn’t Mercoxit, don’t mine it.

The first image is of the original back end of the Moa.


The second image is of the graphic turned into Kit Parts using GIMP. Use the Free Select tool to trace the outline of the graphic then cut and paste as a new image. Use the eraser to clean up the Kit Parts to your liking. You can now also use the filters and effect to create better looking Kit Parts. Free Selecting each Kit Part and then adding filters will help you better tweak each part.


The last image is the final version of the new Logo that has been made from Clip Art that you can find on the Internet.



This is good.

Time to go stare at ships’ posteriors!

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I’d hate to see what your Rorschach test results were. :crazy_face:

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Zombie piloting a Velator.


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