Finding best Mining spot

How do I find the best spot to mine in an asteroid belt with an Orca .

Join nullsec alliance.

Bought yourself an Orca and skill injected into it right away?


Generally, right on-top of whatever asteroid you wish to mine, in order to minimize drone travel time.

Other than that, I would suggest Amarr space, as it is the largest of the four factions, and it is easier to find CODE. free systems.

If you have to ask this, why do you have an orca😉

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You don’t mine with an Orca. You use your Orca mostly to boost your 3-5 Hulk alts in nullsec anoms. Sounds like you saw a shiny ship you like in the ship tree and skill injected straight away into it and no idea how to use it


honestly this isnt true. many people afk mine with orcas in hs. However its certainly not engaging play and not something that you would expect a new player to do.

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