Finding it hard to find a corp

Hello everyone,

I am having a lot of trouble finding a corp that either fits me or wants me. I just want to log on play the game learn the game without any hassle and have some fun a long the way.

I am a new player with an omega account I bought some skill injectors to boost my sp a little to train the basic skills or the magic 14 I have read they are called.

Every corp I have been interested in have said they take on new players willing to train etc etc. Then when I join their public channel to have a chat I either get ignored so I leave after 60 mins or so. Or I’m then told they don’t really take on new players even though their corp advert says they do.

the other thing that I don’t really want to do is jump through loads of hoops just to join. I understand there is not a lot of trust in this game from what I have read, but I don’t want to join voice comms for an interview or have to give my whole life story. Surely you can tell from chatting with me for a bit that I am genuine new player just looking for a home.

Now what I am looking for is a nice friendly not too big corp to join who don’t mind new players. I am not looking for handouts or to be given anything, but any help or advice along the way would be appreciated though.

I am still unsure completely what I want to do in game at the moment I’m just running lvl 2 missions and exploring . Im not adverse to the thought of PvP or living in null sec or wh space.

I just want to log on have some people to chat to and have a laugh with.and no drama. I don’t want to be made to do stuff that I don’t want to do and have mandatory things I have to do to stay in the corp. Of course I will join up fly and help anyone that needs it where I can. My playtime is limited sometimes I can only log on for an hour at a time. My main playtime is evenings UK time

Maybe I am having a hard time finding a corp because nothing like this exists in EvE if this is the case then maybe this game is not for me

If there are any corps around like what I am looking for then please get in touch so we can have a chat to see if we are the right fit for each other.


EVE University, Brave Newbies, Pandemic Horde

Those are the names that come to mind. I have no idea about their recruitment process, though.

The Fremen Syndicate have been looking for any players, new or not. If you’d like to have a look around we have a discord you could join:


Public channels can be a tricky thing. If a corp uses it to talk with former members and friends, it’s pretty active. But often that’s the least active channel and therefore the last you check.

If you enjoy or want to learn PvP, our own corp is pretty active and is newbro friendly. We don’t make interview because well either you really want PvP and Faction Warfare is worth it, either you don’t and you won’t find it worth to stay in FW.

But to honest we have not dedicated programs to train newbros like Eve University, Brave Newbies or Pandemic Horde. Training goes mainly by asking questions in the corp or alliance channel and joining fleets and asking questions on comms and fleet chat. Take in account that sometimes there is a delay : PvP is not exactly very multitasking friendly, and people answer once they finished their fight or fleet.

And to be honest, if you ask a question about areas beyond pvp : it can take a long long time before finding someone who knows what to do with a mining ship beyond fitting it as bait ship for pvp.

But at the same time, all our roams and fleets are opened to newbros and we have newbros fits on contract for those fleets. Nobody will yell at you if you end up blown up : that’s part of the process.

If you are looking for a more organized way to learn with class lessons, training fleets and so on : give a try to Eve University. You can always learn the basics there and then find another corp and alliance of your choosing to further your training.

Full add can be found here :

With the right attitude you may fit even if you obviously do not bring all skills necessarry, but everyone started somewhere.

If your interested you may try. You have nothing to loose :smiley:

I’ll give you a whirl if your a tea drinker like me; though i will state that turning up to the pvp ops from time to time is a must, but its more of an “i scratch your back you scratch mine” and lets myself and the alliance know we actually want to be flying with them…

Regardless of all that, if you are an omega and are currently running missions i would highly recomend caldariand missiles skills; specifically drake and heavy missiles - but also caracals with light missiles are used a lot for gang pvp and all the skills work well enough together.
A well skilled drake can tank level 4’s though its dps is a little low; obviously with some missions you have to pay attention to damage types and triggers.
I use a pvp fitted drake to run level 3 missions in nullsec from time to time.

You could join my corps recruitment channel, you could open a private convo… but by far the best approach to reach me would be by sending an ‘eve mail’; i say this because i do a lot of solo and small gang pvp so i may be right in the middle of a fight at any given moment - i may also be on an alt…

Anyway, goodluck for the future :slight_smile:


We are a small corp that has just opened up recruitment after a period of time inactive, Slow coming back up to speed and hopefully will have decent numbers online daily.
We are currently based in HiSec (Amarr Space) but in the future we will be looking to move into a wh for PVE and PVP
I believe in allowing people to do whatever they want to do without pressure we were in Nullsec but that was a mistake as we were always governed by the alliance leadership to be on fleets etc.
Here we have none of that just do what you want join in on PVE fleets or not join in PVP fleets or not, You pay for the game you wanna play so why play it in some way that is not yours.

Anyway enough of the rambling, If your interested join our recruitment channel; Royal Chatter and we can have a chat :smiley:


It can be so hard when your new to eve to find an actual new player friendly corp. It seems to be the buzz word for all corps.

From you post it sounds like your need a corp that does not have a CTA or PaP and is not a major your just a number cannon fodder corp. (PaP/CTA) Are terms used to insure participation in mandatory corp events. Most who have replied have not read your post fully as they are Very large corps and have mandatory events. Ask them before joining.

Keep with the exploring and missions, check local now and again on player bio/ and see what corps are around you and mark them as contacts to be contacted. Ask for help in NPC corp it’s hard but sometimes you get a nice answer. Again tag that players corp.

Use eve who ( and the in game “people & places” to search for small to mid corp as many small corps don’t post.

Keep at it, eve is an awesome game once it gets going.

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White Fang Militia is newbie friendly, and a hell of a laugh!

Thank God I’m not the only one.
I started EVE about a week ago and I previously played around a decade ago but quickly burned out as I didn’t know what I was doing. Now the agency missions give you a much better feel but I want to join a group the same as you and haven’t had much luck so far.

My current corp never speak to me really, I want to get involved but I don’t know what skills and fits I need or even what the hell their point is.

I’m based in UK and they’re mainly US as well which doesn’t help. I’m not sure either what I want to do yet but have been exploring a fair bit in the starter Magnate. I’m basically willing to do/learn whatever needs doing but with a group that is fun, friendly and accepts noobs (and alpha ones at that; I will look to omega when the group is right - no point spending money if I’m not sticking around).

If you find somewhere please let me know! Also I’m UK based so feel free to add me even if you wanna just chat to someone in space o7

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Most big successful corp/alliance leaders will tell you to find out what it is YOU enjoy doing and do that. Don’t try to guess what you think they want you to do. That is the best way to help the corp/alliance because you will be having fun and will keep playing.


But then it’s kind of catch 22; you can’t decide what you like doing if you can’t really do it effectively. I’m sure I’d enjoy PvP but there’s no way I could do it without assistance, I’ve got no idea about which ships or fits or skills to use and so I haven’t touched it. Same with PvE because I think I’ll just die instantly.

So looking for a corp that will let me explore my options and give me the information to make that decision. Ultimately I’m happy to learn anything but need that steer in the right direction otherwise I’m just fumbling around in the dark, wasting time.

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This is exactly how I feel. I seem to be spending more reading what most of the time seems outdated stuff about the game to try and get some sort of grasp on what’s going on. When I’d rather be playing with a group of people where I can ask questions and learn while playing.

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Check us out dude, tight knit group of veterans that can teach you a lot with some serious structure behind us.

Reach out to me personally on our Discord if you’re interested, @Bear

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