Finding systems by size

Does anyone know of a way of viewing a list of systems by size. I’m trying to find the biggest systems. Not just a random big system, but like, a list of all of them.

What do you mean by “size”? Farthest distance between gates? Most planets/moons?

Dotlan is the only site that I know of that might have such information.

A little bit of googling goes a long way.

Maximum gate-gate warp was…
in system 9-266Q
a distance of 201.97 AU
from Stargate (1-Y6KI) to Stargate (N6G-H3)

Thera may be larger though. I forget when that place was actually introduced.

The only way to get an up-to-date listing would be to use the ESI API and query for all the systems. Then pick out all the objects of interest, like sun, planets, moons, star gates and asteroid belts, and find the largest distance within each system, and finally sort all systems by this value.

The largest distance can be anything really and doesn’t just have to be the distance between two gates. Although gates are usually far on the outside of systems. There may however be systems where a moon of one planet and a moon from a opposite planet make for an even larger distance.

Thank you. This is what I was looking for.

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